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Inoapps Energy Cloud for Midstream

A deep dive Into Inoapps Energy Cloud for the Midstream sector

Achieving safe, profitable Midstream operations

The primary goal of hydrocarbon pipeline operators and gas distribution networks is to ensure safe, reliable, and compliant operations, 24/7 - all the while maximizing capacity and throughput, managing energy costs and minimizing installed costs - to enhance profitability. In achieving this, businesses must wrestle with the challenges of environmental pressures, security threats and hazardous environments, complex regulatory regimes and demanding construction and maintenance requirements.

A deep dive into Inoapps Energy Cloud for the Midstream sector

Inoapps Energy Cloud helps companies address these challenges by providing a holistic view of your operation. This enables you to address regulatory requirements, manage a complex supply chain and provide detailed planning, forecasting and reporting activities, while enhancing your workforce with detailed insight into talent.

Future proof your organization by investing in the world’s leading cloud platform and benefit from innovation in blockchain, AI, IOT.


The benefits

  • Increase profit margins
  • Gain greater control over costs and improve economies of scale with improved visibility into operations
  • Maximize productivity for key services by simplifying accounting processes, improving management of inventory, and streamlining commercial operations
  • Minimize risk and ensure compliance—Address changing country-specific regulatory and compliance standards such as FERC, and financial reporting, including SOX, with regulatory reporting and a complete audit trail
  • Realize gains in process adherence, consistency, and quality with the shift of field and office personnel time from administrative efforts to productivity
  • Maximize asset utilization through comprehensive asset performance management
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Optimize knowledge retention and workforce enablement

Powerful and complete management of Midstream activities


  • Accurately track and control all areas of financial operations
  • Plan and budget all areas of your operations—Financial, Capex, Expense and Workforce Management—to maximize productivity
  • Evaluate ‘what if’ pricing, transportation, storage fee, and other charges. Spot trends with customers, people, and resources so you can anticipate how to minimize losses and maximize profits
  • Create, approve and execute financial and operational Applications For Expenditure for projects of all sizes quickly and easily
  • Gain visibility of costs being incurred in real-time, meaning you can make changes where necessary to control spend

Supply Chain

  • Optimise spend on materials and ensure procurement compliance
  • Manage subcontractor payments more closely within a single solution and ensure value for your procurement activities
  • Manage complex global demand and logistics end-to-end with optimum visibility
  • Address Midstream specific requirements and ensure the right resources and equipment are deployed to the right place, at the right time, every time

Asset Maintenance

  • Address asset maintenance requirements and effectively and efficiently maintain your assets with detailed reporting and analytics
  • Planned maintenance and management
  • Accurate analysis of repairs and costs
  • Strategic long-term asset planning

Workforce Management

  • Handle employment with ease, track and control time and compliance
  • Deploy the right personnel to your assets and painlessly handle complex scheduling and travel requirements

Talent Acquisition

  • Identify and secure the next generation of operators

Talent Management

  • Engage and retain employees as they switch jobs or move into different operational areas
  • Ensure higher performance and deliver sector-leading training and career development to retain your top talent
  • Utilize advanced planning capability to understand your future workforce demands and requirements

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