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Oracle Upgrades

Optimize the Oracle application and technology infrastructure you rely on

“I want to personally thank Inoapps for a very successful Oracle EBS 12.2 and Oracle Database 19c upgrade that occurred over the holidays for New Year. You and your team have been a tremendous partner with us through this journey and the commitment and dedication you exhibited with our internal teams has been fantastic. Apologies for the long nights of work over the holidays and working around our plant shutdown windows but it is very much appreciated.”
Glenn Griffin, Chief Information Officer at Bradford White

Some Oracle releases are seen as ‘bulletproof’ and businesses are reluctant to move from them. But many of these fundamentals, sitting untouched, are now de-supported and in some cases over ten years old. However, the perceived effort and risk in terms of time and exposure to issues often stop upgrades happening.

Manageability, security and performance are all reasons Oracle delivers upgrades. This means you might be able to get more out of your existing software and hardware without doing anything else. We can help you cut through the complexity so that you see the highest value and most immediate returns from your existing Oracle investments.

What will our upgrade services do for you?

  • Mitigate your exposure to business risk by upgrading your out-of-date Oracle products. We have a tried and tested upgrade methodology and a multidisciplinary team of Oracle-only specialists who know exactly how Oracle has changed since you last engaged with them.
  • Get more out of your untouched Oracle investments. If you’ve made an investment in an estate, we will help you maximize that estate and won’t push you towards solutions that don’t fit.
  • Understand how to prioritize a roadmap to ensure compliance. We can help with compliance strategies and roadmaps so you have a clear vision of your end state and organization impact, know where to start and how to prioritize.

Our Oracle upgrade services include

Oracle Database upgrades

How old is your oldest Oracle Database—19c, 12c, 11g? Or even earlier?  While it can be tempting to leave working database systems untouched, this approach over time can:

  • Increase the risks of security events
  • Increase support costs to maintain error correction and avoid needing an unplanned upgrade
  • Prevent access to valuable new capabilities

Inoapps can undertake a health check or full assessment of your Oracle Database estate and recommend an upgrade strategy that considers the requirements of your applications and the nature of your current infrastructure. For databases identified as targets for upgrading, we can work with your in-house teams to plan and deliver the upgrades to minimize disruption and maintain the levels of support needed by the business. We will recommend the enablement of features that will add value and deliver support for testing and implementation.

With Oracle Database 19c, we’ve seen customers increasingly migrate to the multitenant architecture. With the 19c release, it’s possible to run three user Pluggable Databases (PDBs) in a Container Database (CDB) without needing a Multitenant Option license. This delivers significant benefits from reduced effort for management and maintenance operations. Improvements to security, performance and availability in 19c can all be exploited during or following the database upgrade.

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) upgrades

Maintaining Oracle Premier Support has been a key driver for many EBS 12.2 upgrades, but there are numerous additional benefits to consider for upgrading to the latest release of EBS, including:

  • Leveraging Oracle Enterprise Command Center dashboards to identify and act on top priorities—available starting in EBS 12.2.4
  • Online patching to provide minimal downtime for patching cycles
  • Use of Oracle’s extensive upgrade planning scripts for customization migration
  • Various ease of use enhancements across multiple functional areas

Upgrading your EBS environment will protect against avoidable risks, IT frustration, and system downtime. Inoapps’ seasoned experts will transition your EBS environment to the latest application release and will perform extensive testing to guarantee a seamless execution. We have successfully completed a significant number of EBS upgrades and can share this experience with you to ensure your smooth transition to the new release.

Oracle Application Express (APEX) upgrades

Oracle Application Express is a powerful low-code platform that enables the rapid development of dynamic business applications.

Many organizations have successfully used Oracle APEX to build and deploy custom applications to meet the unique requirements of their business users. APEX offers a stable and mature platform that requires very low levels of administration and support. As a result, many organizations haven’t felt the need to keep their Oracle Application technology stack up to date and fully patched, meaning they’re running APEX on old and unsupported versions of the platform.

This naturally represents a security and compliance issue. It also means organizations aren’t able to take advantage of the wide variety of new features and functions Oracle has made available in later versions of the software. These features allow even more powerful applications to be delivered, utilizing the very latest cloud-based design patterns and user interface.

If your organization is running an old version of APEX, ask how the Inoapps team of APEX experts can help you maximize your ongoing return on these solutions.

Oracle Hyperion upgrades

Maintaining Oracle Premier Support has been a key driver for many Hyperion 11.2 upgrades, but there are numerous additional benefits to consider for upgrading to the latest release:

  • There is no additional software or licensing cost to upgrade Hyperion
  • Hyperion 11.2 provides enhanced sandbox security and functionality, and further automates and simplifies processes
  • If you currently have scripts set up to move data, run calculations and launch reports, you can just ‘lift and shift’ those scripts during the upgrade process to continue using them the way you always have
  • Oracle releases quarterly patches that will address the entire suite of Hyperion software, with all modules updated concurrently

Upgrading your Hyperion environment will protect against avoidable risks, IT frustration, and system downtime. Our seasoned Hyperion experts will seamlessly move your environment to the latest version and perform extensive testing on the application before it’s delivered to end users. Inoapps has successfully completed a significant number of Hyperion updates over the years and we can share our experience with you to ensure a smooth transition to the new release.

Hardware upgrades

When existing servers or storage reach end-of-life, for some customers a move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is appropriate. However for others who need to maintain data or systems in their own data center, there’s a need to select a new hardware platform.

The right choice can be difficult to determine with both general purpose and usage specific hardware available. At Inoapps, our team has worked with many customers to design their next platform, including the choice of operating system, while looking for opportunities to consolidate and maximize the use of existing license investments. No matter what the scale, we can help you select the right upgrade, whether adding resources to an existing server or consolidating multiple servers onto an Oracle Database Appliance or Engineered System optimized to run Oracle workloads.

New servers powered by the latest generations of processor typically have high numbers of cores even in the smallest configuration. With our expertise in Oracle licensing, we can advise you on maintaining or even reducing your licenses while exploiting the performance benefits of new servers.

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