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Oracle APEX development services

Delivering innovation and custom extensions with Oracle Application Express

Most organizations differentiate themselves from their competitors through their innovations and unique processes. This could be a service delivery model to support excellence, a product lifecycle that drives innovation, or operational activities that boost efficiency. All of which translate into unique requirements that are fundamental to success.

Oracle Applications give you best of breed core business processes across a huge range of organizational areas. But some unique requirements will always lie beyond their scope, which is where Oracle Application Express (APEX) comes in. APEX is a powerful low-code platform that enables the rapid development of unique business applications.

Inoapps has delivered solutions in APEX since 2008, and have built hundreds of APEX apps to augment and extend the capabilities of Oracle Applications for customers across many industries and use cases.

What will our Oracle APEX development services do for you?

  • Provide powerful, dynamic, beautiful solutions to meet your business and user needs
  • Offer rapid time to value for your users through accelerated delivery and low-code tooling
  • Deliver lower cost of ownership for both project delivery and ongoing support
  • Enable a cloud optimized solution architecture on a robust, secure, scalable modern platform

Inoapps Oracle APEX development services include

Custom applications

For organizations with unique business requirements, deploying Commercial Off the Shelf Solutions (COTS) isn’t an option if the solutions don’t meet those requirements. The Inoapps team has developed hundreds of custom applications for our customers. We deliver powerful tailored solutions to meet both complex and simple use cases in a modern, cloud-enabled platform.

We have a flexible delivery model focused on capturing the requirements and delivering high quality outcomes—fast and at low cost. Whether you need a departmental application to manage a niche business process or transformational enablement across your entire enterprise, our proven experts are here to help.

Oracle Forms to APEX migrations

For many years, Oracle Forms provided a powerful enterprise grade platform for the development of business applications. But these days, they aren’t considered a delivery platform fit for cloud. If you, like thousands of organizations, built your corporate estate on the platform and now need to modernize, Oracle APEX offers the optimal solution.

Migrating from Oracle Forms to APEX allows the underlying table structures and database packages to remain untouched. APEX’s low-code nature means that new user interfaces can be developed and deployed at accelerated timescales, and the business logic embedded in packages and triggers can be retained.

Migrating from Oracle Forms to APEX offers a low cost, low risk approach that allows you to retain complex business logic, while being deployed in a scalable, secure, future proof platform.

The team at Inoapps has performed dozens of Forms to APEX migrations, and has the methodology, skills and experience to rapidly deliver these projects at high quality and low cost.

Mobile enablement

Delivering business processes to people away from the office continues to be a challenge. The world of mobile development platforms is broad and diverse, but for IT departments with an Oracle architecture, there’s a powerful mobile framework already at your disposal.

The success of the Progressive Web Application (PWA) in delivering a unified, low-code mobile development platform has transformed the way many organizations are delivering mobile enablement.

Oracle APEX comes fully PWA-enabled, allowing APEX applications to be delivered to your mobile users without any need for additional infrastructure, middleware or deployment platforms.

Inoapps are the experts at delivering PWA-enabled mobile applications to give remote users access to mobile optimized user interfaces to carry out key business processes in a timely, effective and user friendly manner.

Inoapps Accelerator Framework

The Inoapps Accelerator Framework is the easy way for you to benefit from the industry leading expertise of our APEX development team.

Throughout the evolution of Oracle Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS), we’ve developed a Reference Architecture of Oracle APEX components. These can be used to accelerate the delivery of solutions to extend and augment the capabilities of Oracle Cloud SaaS to deliver end-to-end solutions for industry and organizations.

Our Accelerator Framework is a library of pre-built components, utilities, code objects and configurations that can be used to fast track project deployment and success.

Through our Accelerator Framework, we deliver solutions that are:

  • Faster: the use of pre-built components allow accelerated development and delivery
  • Of high quality: through the use of existing artefacts, we reduce the opportunity for errors and failures
  • Lower cost: our pre-built components allow us to deliver solutions at a lower initial cost, and reduced total cost of ownership compared to traditional software development

If your project would benefit from the fast track made possible by accelerator components, speak to the Oracle APEX experts at Inoapps.

Low-code development

Low-code development is a revolutionary movement in the cloud-based landscape. It enables the delivery of enterprise grade solutions in a fraction of the time, to higher quality and at lower cost than traditionally possible.

Our years of experience in the use of Oracle APEX lets us deliver solutions in hours and days, rather than weeks and months. Our expertise, combined with the leading low-code capabilities of Oracle APEX means that APEX low-code solutions go beyond the hype that some platforms offer.