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Hybrid Cloud

Optimize your Oracle cloud strategy with the right cloud platforms for your business

Organizations today are faced with many choices when it comes to their Cloud strategy, and many are considering a future based on hybrid cloud. Whether you’re considering moving existing workloads from another cloud provider or are at the early stages of considering a migration from on-premises, Inoapps can help you navigate the decision to arrive at the optimum fit for your business.

We take a holistic view of your business context, compliance responsibilities, workloads and commercials and can help assess your current landscape, advise on your strategy, build your roadmap, and provide the technical expertise to get you to the Oracle Cloud solution that’s best for you.  

What will Inoapps do for you?

  • Provide impartial advice on the Oracle cloud strategy that best suits your business and provides the optimum return on your investment
  • Bring expertise in hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, combined with understanding of the Oracle landscape, workloads and the complexities of Oracle commercials
  • Deliver hands-on help with assessments, roadmaps, migrations and upgrades
  • Offer a fully managed Private Cloud solution built on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) technology where it makes sense for your organization

Inoapps Hybrid Cloud expertise covers

Hybrid & multi-cloud strategies

With extensive experience across both Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and private cloud powered by Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA), we’re here to help you both decide on and move to the Oracle cloud solution that works best for your business and workloads.

We can help you assess which of your workloads are better suited to either public or private cloud. Some businesses, for example, use public cloud for DevOps and active projects while using private cloud for mission critical environments, or those that have specific data or service management needs.

We can also assist with commercial considerations, ensuring you have the appropriate number of Oracle licenses when you go to the cloud or move clouds, and helping to establish where savings can be realized.

Our team of seasoned experts can assist with:

  • Readiness assessments to help you assess your options, decide on the next steps in your journey, and map and mitigate impact on current operations
  • Migration services to migrate your workloads from your on-premises infrastructure or another cloud provider to OCI or Inoapps Private Cloud
  • Cloud-based integrations using Integration Cloud services to link your Oracle applications, thereby reducing complexity and creating better insight into your key business processes
  • Oracle Asset Optimization services to analyze the contractual, licensing, and technical elements of your estate to highlight potential changes, issues, and how to best manage your software, support, licenses and cloud subscriptions
  • Managed Services that provide a consistent and cost effective approach to managing both on-premises and cloud environments to maximize Hybrid Cloud benefits

Inoapps Private Cloud

While there’s no denying that the journey to cloud steadily continues, Oracle workloads bring their own unique challenges, both technical and, equally critical, commercial.

Hosting Oracle applications and technology such as Oracle Database and middleware in-house can be costly, complex, and just plain frustrating. Infrastructure is expensive. Highly skilled IT people are expensive. And utility bills are expensive. On top of that, licensing fees and server supervision are not only expensive—they are also complex and constantly changing.

The Inoapps Private Cloud changes all of this—it is an option that harnesses the power of Oracle’s Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) technology and uses secure Trusted Partitions to limit the number of Oracle licenses required. Additionally, as a fully managed solution, customers are able to focus on the consumption of the application and not the effort required to keep it running, patched, up to date and secure.

With our private cloud solution, you get:

  • BYO-Software and License: only pay for what you use
  • Scale to your exact vCPU needs and grow on demand
  • 24x7 Support as part of a fully managed service, allowing you to focus on the outputs not the inputs
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery you can rely on
  • Predictable monthly costs

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