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Manufacturing - Cloud Services

Accelerate your journey with manufacturing cloud transformation

The Manufacturing sector has experienced a great deal of disruption in recent years and experts predict this will continue for the foreseeable future. This ‘new normal’ has proven that many of the strategies and tactics of the past are no longer enough. In fact, many proved to be damaging to sales and profitability. For example, past decisions about how to best source and manufacture cost effectively with emphasis on sourcing materials and components from developing countries, are now being re-examined.

Success now depends on effectively managing all the complex factors throughout the business so the organization is synchronized, operates efficiently, and can quickly adapt to changing conditions. It’s also about system acceptance and adoption by users who understand and appreciate the capabilities delivered to the organization.

Inoapps delivers a roadmap and strategy for operational excellence based on industry best practices, manufacturing knowledge, and in-field experience. We also provide tools and accelerators developed over many implementations to reduce labor-intensive effort and speed your transformation journey.

What we offer

Inoapps Manufacturing Cloud helps you optimize your entire operation, so you see the highest value and most immediate returns from your investment, through: 

  • Increased efficiency with real-time monitoring, and rapid response to predictive signals and alerts
  • An interdependent, end-to-end system where all functions can respond to changing conditions in an orchestrated manner
  • Operational performance visibility across the entire operation
  • Data visibility and analytics providing insights into products, customers, profitability, market trends, and more
  • Organizational transformation with Inoapps expert guidance and change management support throughout the journey


Improved workforce management. Quickly adjusting to conditions and enabling constant change with initiatives such as:

  • Training and reskilling initiatives
  • Broadening the range of the recruiting ecosystem
  • Adding flexibility for workers (e.g. remote work, flexible schedules, etc.)

Enhanced supply chain stability. Defend against disruption by:

  • Creating nearshore and/or onshore supply chain sources
  • Looking to build cost sharing agreements with supply chain partners
  • Re-examining operating at the absolute lowest inventory levels
  • Rethinking rationalization to smallest number of suppliers
  • Building more collaborative digital supply networks

Delivering the smart factory. Gaining efficiencies via cloud-based digital technology adoption, including:

  • More connected processes
  • More predictive processes
  • Enhanced data analytics
  • Deploying lighthouse pilots and digital twin technology to test for, and confirm expected benefits prior to full deployment

Enhancing security and resilience. Improving security and establishing new levels of preparedness:

  • Resiliency assessment and planning
  • Stronger defense against cyberattacks and malware

“Our VP of IT looked at all of the different vendors that we had available to us that Oracle gave us the option of; we looked at all of their credentials, and we really liked what we saw from Inoapps. From day one when they did the demo with us, they have proved that decision right. They have been a great company for us to work with!”

Brad Kosler, Vice President of Finance, ECM Industries