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Oracle SaaS Implementations

Supporting people and systems to deliver successful enterprise software transformation projects

“Inoapps’ approach suited us because at the end of the process we really understood whether the solution would work for us. When it came to implementation, we also built up a good working relationship with the Inoapps team, who are very willing to share knowledge and go the extra mile to get the job done. As a result, the implementation was completed on budget and in a timely manner, which was very important to us.”
Chief Information Officer, Ofqual

The Inoapps Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation methodology is built on our extensive experience delivering complex global transformation initiatives across multiple industries. Over time, we’ve gained a deep understanding of where the highest implementation risk areas lie, as well as where projects can be accelerated. From this we’ve developed tools to support success, and gathered the know-how to help you avoid pitfalls, both large and small.

The system and people transformation journey lies at the core of our methodology, which also supports customer readiness for transition to business as usual operations. Our methodology is designed to empower you by ensuring you have knowledge and confidence in the system from the start. 

All projects are delivered under a robust governance framework for consistency, control and quality. Moreover, the service transition model is introduced at the start of the project, to ensure that regardless of whether you choose Inoapps or another managed services provider, you will feel empowered to optimize your solution through continuous improvements after go-live.

What will our Oracle SaaS implementation service do for you?

  • Safe delivery. We provide strong governance, control and strategic alignment
  • Deep experience. Take advantage of our industry experience to maximize your investment in Oracle Modern Best Practice
  • Unique accelerators. Over the years, we have developed tools, templates, accelerators and product extensions to enhance project delivery and fulfil specific needs
  • Adoption focused. We support your business change journey, helping your grow in confidence by building your knowledge and familiarity with the system as the project progresses
  • Industry contacts. As part of the project, we draw on our relationships and contacts in Oracle’s Center of Excellence, Product and Customer Success teams, as well as the wider industry landscape as we support and advise you through your journey

Our Oracle SaaS Implementation services include

Advisory Services

Business case development and benefits management plans 

A clear business case is essential to project success. We will help you analyze and articulate your business case, clearly define your ROI and establish a benefits management model to ensure you realize projects benefits after the project has gone live. 

Outcome mapping 

We can help you map out your business outcomes across business objectives, operational effectiveness and the KPI scorecard. This will allow you to visualize challenges, how they will be resolved, and how we will measure success.

Leadership frameworks and leadership coaching

This is to help you understand the journey you’re about to take and equips the senior project leader with tools and techniques to be effective in the role. It will also the wider leadership team understand their responsibilities and how to support project success.

Program leadership

Effective program leadership is a critical factor for any successful implementation. We both have a role to play here. We believe that a shared mindset is essential for success, and this starts from the top.

Working with us, you can expect:

  • A trusted and transparent partnership across the entire implementation journey
  • A ‘one team’ mindset and collaborative approach, so that we work together to achieve the best outcomes for the project
  • Strong governance to ensure alignment with your strategic goals, organizational objectives and agreed scope, cost and quality expectations
  • Advice based on lessons learned across a large number of previous projects
  • A solid long-term relationship with Oracle that provides an additional layer of expert support and solution best practice advice

Strategy, Design & Build

Our team will work in collaboration with you to jointly shape a successful implementation journey and provide support with the development of key workstream strategies including data migration, integrations and testing.

We will guide you through design sessions focused on business decisions by advising on adoption of Oracle best practice processes, and prototyping solutions to help visualize your end solution.

At Inoapps, we have developed a number of unique tools and accelerators over the years to fulfil specific project and industry needs and to help ensure project outcomes. We also use technology to speed up our internal processes for efficiency and reliability so we can focus on what matters most.

Change management

Inoapps Strategic Enterprise Consulting service focuses on supporting your teams and your project’s success during the implementation process in the following ways:

  • Coaching on the change model and supporting delivery of the Oracle Operating Model.
  • Performing Business Impact Assessments and documenting stakeholder engagement, the user adoption journey and the business alignment approach.
  • Documenting the project vision, and articulating change in ways that are meaningful and impactful for your specific business. This may include providing the vision and key messages, an engagement storyboard, and documenting the stakeholder communications plan.
  • Designing  your user adoption program, providing stakeholder mapping, documenting your engagement and adoption strategy, performing learning needs analysis and delivering training.
  • Delivering quality assurance, including the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Readiness Assessment and Operational Readiness Assessment. Assurance activities are delivered hand-in-hand with our Oracle Customer Success colleagues.

The scope of the role of our Strategic Enterprise Consulting team depends on your needs and business context. If, for example, you have an in-house training department with the appropriate skills, you may wish to handle that element yourself. We are here to assist in whichever capacity is required to help ensure your project’s success, including providing change leadership if needed.  

Data migration

Our Technology Workstream team can adapt and flex their offering to reflect your individual needs. We will provide advice and guidance to your subject matter experts relating to all data migration (DM) activities and will work with you to establish how best to manage this essential element of the project. Depending on the agreed scope, we can provide advice, support or lead on the DM activities.

Inoapps has developed DM tooling where we can take responsibility for the Extract, Transform and Load activities, to reduce the risk around this workstream.


It’s likely that you have a range of systems across your IT landscape that need to integrate with your new system. Inoapps has delivered cloud integrations since 2013 and we’ve learned that working closely with the functional application workstream, business users and IT teams is pivotal to future proofed solutions.

Inoapps offers a flexible approach to providing integration services and we can cater for your unique needs. We typically see two approaches to the integration workstream.

Inoapps owned

The most common approach, where we take full responsibility for the design, documentation, build and testing of your integrations. Our team works closely with functional application consultants, solution architects, business users and your IT teams. A dedicated Inoapps technical project manager oversees the process.

Inoapps consulted

This is the preferred approach if you have a mature internal IT function with perhaps existing integration technologies. Here we provide the Oracle expertise to your IT team to help them grow their Oracle knowledge.


At Inoapps, we pride ourselves in our ability to mobilize and execute strong test governance and procedures to ensure your delivered solution is not just fit to use, but fit for purpose.

Our experienced testing team offers a wide range of services from testing management and execution to the provision of test scripts. We understand our customers have varied experience in testing, so our level of support is dependent on the level of support you need.

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