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Inoapps Higher Education Cloud

Providing the systems and people processes for transforming Higher Education

A successful Higher Education solution is not just about well-built, functionally capable software, but also needs to be well adopted and accepted by students and staff. Inoapps understands the challenges of standardizing processes across schools and faculties with vastly different and evolving requirements and priorities. We will work with you to help improve your staff and student experience so they can better concentrate on the business of education and research.

Inoapps Industry Clouds bring together industry-specific extensions, accelerators, best practices and adoption support to accelerate your move to Oracle Cloud, with improved quality and better business outcomes.

Truly collaborative partnerships are the key to success and we tailor our implementation and support models to the needs of each university. Whether this means providing a single solution or accelerator, support with testing, training or change management, or continuous improvement activities and managed services.

Key benefits

Enhance and automate everyday processes

  • Eliminate data silos and paper-based processes with enhanced knowledge sharing and automated workflows
  • Report on KPIs and gain insights with enhanced HE-specific reporting, including SLC compliance, HESA reporting, and student number forecasting
  • Support and grow a thriving workforce

Recruit, retain and develop top faculty and staff

  • Improve management and reporting of staff with multiple assignments
  • Leverage workforce planning tools to forecast staffing needs into the future
  • Support and engage your workforce with online tools like knowledge bases, automated policy support and chatbots

Take cost and risk out of compliance

  • Products seamlessly integrated to support HESA, SAAS, SLC and TRAC
  • Workflows and functionality to support best practice financial control
  • Accelerators for the development of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting packs

Support specific processes for students, staff and stakeholders

  • Enhanced support for key student processes such as clearing, registration and finding funding
  • Support the relationship with individuals, from prospective students to engaged alumni
  • Develop relationships with other organizations to support critical business such as research, teaching collaborations, apprenticeships and placements 

Deliver faster, more insightful and better aligned planning

  • Bring multiple business planning processes together into a single, unified approach, joining up strategic planning, delivery and performance management
  • Enable better decision-making that directly supports key business outcomes, based on insights you can really trust
  • Respond quickly to market changes and statutory requirements
  • Connect financial and academic planning, aligned with risk and performance management
  • Deliver forecasting, reporting and risk management based on secure, reliable data
    Enable robust and consistent management and statutory reporting
  • Make faster, more efficient decisions using predictive analytics, data visualization and self-service

Our difference

Built on knowledge and expertise gained from years of delivering industry-focused projects, Inoapps Higher Education Cloud combines process, functional and technical frameworks that enable you to quickly see value and business outcomes and provide a structured path for future growth and transformation.


Draw on the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained from years of successful Higher Education (HE) projects.

  • The Inoapps team joined us after years working in the industry, giving us a deep understanding and empathy for the daily challenges faced by staff and students.
  • This has allowed us to develop focused offerings—from a specialized implementation methodology designed to accommodate HE governance processes and enhance knowledge transfer, to specialized support for HESA and TRAC reporting and processing sponsored students.

Industry best practice

Adopt best-in-class ways of working and proven Higher Education processes, rather than inventing from scratch.

  • Enhanced Oracle Modern Best Practice developed from our knowledge of the most successful solutions used in HE around the globe  
  • Solutions and accelerators for HE-specific requirements such as University Superannuation Scheme (USS) pension schemes, statutory reporting, common integration solutions, and Tier IV Visa working hours tracking
  • Assistance in developing a continuous improvement roadmap, including policy automation and the use of chatbots

Industry extensions

Address your specific industry and functional business needs with Higher Education-specific extensions.

  • A student funding solution that supports the administration of student fees paid by a third party, including students funded by Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS), Student Loans Company (SLC) or the NHS
  • HESA Human Capital Management (HCM) reporting tool that streamlines data preparation and validation
  • Accelerators for key integrations to additional systems, such as Kinetix, SITS, Worktribe, Pure and WPM


Deliver transformational change mapped to defined outcomes, with a focus on user adoption and an implementation approach designed around how universities make decisions.

  • Change Management activities for every stage of the implementation are highlighted and can be actioned by the university’s change team or ours
  • Support for developing a revised Target Operating Model aligned to the revised business process
  • Assistance with designing a post implementation support team, so the university is well placed to enhance the new system well into the future

Practical viewpoints

Understand where to start and how to prioritize a roadmap to better serve your business. As well as defining your strategic direction, and accelerating your journey to cloud, we have wrestled with some of the real world challenges you face every day.

  • Providing robust, flexible and scalable infrastructure for supporting the process requirements within research projects.
  • Reviewing existing eBusiness/PeopleSoft implementations to advise on where customizations can be removed, simplifying upgrades for the eventual move to the cloud.
  • Supporting your strategic roadmap for the implementation of advanced features such as using a knowledge base and policy automation to power chatbots that can support key stakeholder groups like applicants, students and staff.


Accelerate configuration, integration, migrations and rollout with Higher Education-focused frameworks and toolsets, including

  • Data migration
  • Accelerators from common industry reporting requirements such as TRAC, Pensions reporting for USS, teacher pensions etc.
  • Accelerated integrations related to standard university systems such as SITS, Kinetix, WPM, Worktribe, etc.