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On-premises Oracle Technology

Modernize your Oracle technology estate

If you’re like many businesses, you may not have touched your underlying Oracle on-premises infrastructure for a long time, and are perhaps running things you no longer need. Modernizing, consolidating and improving your Oracle landscape may feel like a massive task, but it can be done without a major budget or long-term spend commitment.

Newer versions of your existing software can unlock opportunities for better manageability, security and performance. Inoapps can help you exploit these and get more out of your existing hardware without needing to entirely refresh your infrastructure. This is about more than just buying CPU or storage cheaper, but rather looking at your entire Oracle estate and the processes that surround your IT.

What will Inoapps do for you?

  • Our expertise means you benefit from the broad strategic view. We don’t simply respond to briefs and offer technical responses to technical problems. We understand and can advise on the dimensions around licensing, commercials, change management, and people as a whole—all vital parts of the equation. 
  • Mitigate your exposure to risk by upgrading out of date Oracle products. We are expert in mitigating risk with a tried and tested upgrade methodology. With a multidisciplinary team of Oracle-only specialists, we know exactly how Oracle has changed since you last engaged with them.
  • We can help you squeeze more out of your untouched Oracle on-premises investments. We will help you maximize your Oracle estate and won’t push you towards solutions that don’t fit. 
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Inoapps on-premises Oracle technology expertise covers

Oracle Analytics

For customers using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) on-premises, the future direction offers several options including remaining on-premises, moving to Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OACS) or a hybrid of the two.

Deciding which route to take is where Inoapps can help, and having been through our own Oracle Analytics modernization program, we bring first-hand experience.

Once the right future roadmap has been established, we have a highly experienced team available to carry out the software upgrades and migrations when appropriate. We will also highlight the improvements and new capabilities that are on the horizon, both for those managing the Analytics platform and the end users.

Oracle Cloud@Customer

Experience the power of Oracle Cloud in your own data center.

Do you want the benefits of using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service but need to remain in your own data center for data residency or compliance reasons? We can help you configure and deploy an Oracle Cloud@Customer solution to do just that.

Our Hybrid Cloud experience will help you take full advantage of both Public and Private Clouds and give you the ability to run the chosen cloud services in whichever location is most appropriate.

We can provide the services that will migrate your existing business applications to the Cloud@Customer environment and then ensure it’s being managed to deliver the required service levels.

As with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, usage is paid for using Universal Credits and we can monitor and optimize your usage and ensure you are achieving the maximum return on your investment.

Oracle Database

Your Oracle Database has a critical role in underpinning key business applications. However many have run for long periods without being updated or upgraded, which over time increases the risk of security incidents and unplanned outages.

Modernizing your Oracle Database estate can bring a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Lower risk of data being compromised
  • Performance enhancements
  • New features and commercial changes, such as use of the Multitenant Option in Oracle Database 19c for up to three user PDBs without requiring a separate license
  • Support for newer releases of operating systems, improving the reliability and security of the underlying platform
  • Improved manageability to reduce administrative effort

Inoapps’ focus on Oracle technology and use of our proven methodology allows us to deliver a complete range of services, including:

  • Health checks and assessment of the current Oracle Database estate
  • Recommendations for software updates/upgrades and additional features to enhance the deployment
  • Planning and delivery of a modernization project that will deliver benefits in an incremental and cost-effective manner

Fusion Middleware

Oracle Fusion Middleware underpins many of our customers’ business applications and has been a long-term component of their IT landscape. As a family of products supporting multiple solution areas, including application development, integration, content management and business intelligence, the Fusion Middleware deployment is often the key point of access for end users. 

Our extensive experience with Fusion Middleware allows us to advise our customers and develop future plans that consider the benefits of a fully supported, secure, reliable and current middleware platform. 

Our teams have undertaken many Fusion Middleware upgrade projects and implemented architectures to meet high availability and performance requirements. Middleware as a central component interacts with many other systems and we ensure that the relevant certifications have been assessed and the upgrade path is fully supported.

Whether you need an initial assessment or a full upgrade and ongoing support of Fusion Middleware, we have the experience and people to deliver a successful project every time.

Hardware & Engineered Systems

When hardware starts to reach end of life or no longer delivers acceptable performance, we can help you choose the best future platform for your Oracle Database and Middleware.

While a migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure may be appropriate for some customers, it isn’t always the case and remaining on-premises or in a hosted data center may be the right solution.

We have extensive experience with sizing, deploying and migrating customer workloads onto the latest generations of hardware, including Oracle Engineered Systems. We can also help to identify improvements in processors, memory and I/O that mean better performance at lower costs and requiring fewer software licenses.

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