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Inoapps Engineering & Construction Cloud

Our industry experts have extensive knowledge of the Engineering & Construction sectors and we are recognized as a leading global supplier of Oracle Cloud solutions to these industries

Tighter margins are ramping up the pressure on Engineering and Construction businesses to deliver greater productivity and more integrated, cost-efficient projects. For many companies in the sector, ERP and digital transformation have now become a strategic priority.

Control and grow your business with Inoapps Engineering & Construction (E&C) Cloud.

Inoapps is continually innovating to provide new solutions that support Engineering and Construction companies to manage their businesses more efficiently. We’ve built the Inoapps Construction Cloud by listening to our customers' needs to ensure it addresses the main constraints with generic off-the-shelf Enterprise Applications.

Our solutions:

  • Enhance information quality
  • Improve compliance with legislation
  • Save time
  • Increase efficiency of key business processes, including management of subcontractors

Our industry experts have extensive knowledge of the Engineering & Construction sectors and we are recognized as a leading global supplier of Oracle Cloud solutions to the industry.

Future-proof your organization by investing in the world’s leading Cloud platform with the added benefit of years of industry expertise from Inoapps to provide a complete solution with 100% process fit.

Building operational excellence from desk to site


  • Accurately track and control all areas of financial operations
  • Manage costs, approvals, project progress and estimate to complete
  • Plan and Budget all areas of your operations to ensure peak performance (Financial, Capex, Expense, Workforce)
  • Projects – create, approve and execute Financial and operational projects
  • Cost Value Reconciliation – Ensure effective ongoing revenue recognition management tracking the financial health of projects throughout their lifetime and supporting early identification of potential commercial problems
  • CIS - Keep up to date and compliant with UK HMRC legislation and reduce time spent managing the tax implications of subcontractors
  • Complex customer billing - the ability to track the cumulative customer billing against contracts


  • Optimize spend and ensure procurement compliance.
  • Manage subcontractors efficiently and ensure value for your procurement activities.

Supply Chain

  • Handle complex global demand and logistics and ensure the right equipment gets to the right place at the right time. Address construction specific requirements such as Asset Rental.,
  • Mobile Receipting (GRN) – ensure paper-based documentation on the construction site is a thing of the past by allowing authorized used to confirm receipt of inbound deliveries or services.
  • Haulage – Comprehensive logistical management of consumables from one site to another

Workforce Management

  • Handle multi-site employment challenges with ease, track and control time, compliance, etc.
  • Talent Acquisition – find and identify the best resources for your organization
  • Talent Management – ensure higher performance and deliver sector leading training and career development to retain your top talent. Utilize advanced planning capability to understand your future workforce demands and requirements.

Our Engineering & Construction customers

“The Inoapps project team was flexible and gave the project focus and commitment. They acted quickly to address issues and were able to guide us with solutions and compromise where appropriate. They were instrumental in enabling us to achieve our challenging internal deadline for the implementation.”

– Emma Owen, HR Director, GKN Wheels & Structures