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Inoapps Outturn Planning

Helping you make well informed decisions to increase construction project profitability

Increase control of project management and projections

Construction projects are carefully planned and budgeted before they are carried out, but in the lifecycle of a project many changes can occur that impact the ultimate financial outcome or project outturn. Assessing the consequences of those changes, particularly in large-scale projects, is a critical and complex activity that impacts satisfactory delivery for all parties.

Calculate financial futures based on current conditions

Inoapps Outturn Planning optimizes the response to this challenge by providing a simple and easy to use solution that calculates the financial future based on current conditions entered into the app. It allows Engineering and Construction organizations to review the day-to-day, high-level financial status of construction projects and enables informed decision-making leading to greater control and improved profitability.

What will Inoapps Outturn Planning do for you?

  • Provides increased control of the delivery cycle
  • Enables better understanding of the current and projected financial position of projects
  • Facilitates effective management of the impact of variations and change on projects
  • Allows effective management of the risks and opportunities that arise within projects

Functional highlights

  • Ability to track highly granular budgets across multiple budget allocation types, including Contingency, Reserves, Liabilities and Claims, among others
  • Single project currency consistency throughout the Outturn Planning process
  • Gives a comprehensive summary of budget data showing revenue budget, cost budget, actual costs, and gross income for a project
  • Provides tools to upload transactions for changes such as reallocations, variations, and revenue and cost budgets
  • Allows for mass upload of data across multiple projects

Key benefits

  • Provides summarized project outturn reporting for daily use by Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Assessors
  • Captures variations in scope and cost of required work, revenue and cost of risks and opportunities, and reallocation of budget between cost items, among  other variables, to anticipate final revenue, cost, gross income and project margin
  • Provides a robust framework to track and audit all changes and history
  • Enables corporate users to make well-informed decisions in relation to the project, leading to greater control and improved profitability

Inoapps E&C Cloud Porfolio

Inoapps Engineering & Construction Cloud Portfolio

Inoapps Outturn Planning is part of the Inoapps Engineering & Construction Cloud portfolio, created to aid with the wide-ranging complexities of construction industry projects, from managing subcontractors to tracking budget costs and rental inventories.

The products in this portfolio help ensure the accurate oversight of all aspects of a project lifecycle through fully integrated Oracle Cloud solutions built to tackle challenges specific to the construction industry. The portfolio is here to help you reduce complex administration and save time and money with greater control over financial planning and management.

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