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Inoapps Subcontractor Management Cloud

Track and manage every aspect of your subcontractor management lifecycle

Manage your subcontractor activities

In the Engineering and Construction industry, efficient financial management is key to making a profit, especially since margins are usually very tight. Handling subcontractor payments and ensuring compliance is time-consuming, especially if your company is using different systems or tracking information across a variety of projects.

Fully integrated with Oracle Cloud ERP

With our Subcontractor Management module for Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), you can keep track of all aspects of your subcontractor lifecycle. Inoapps Subcontractor Management Cloud integrates with Oracle Cloud ERP to deliver holistic business support from beginning to end.

What will Inoapps Subcontractor Management Cloud do for you?

  • Provides improved financial control through better management of subcontractor retention and the retention release lifecycle
  • Reduces corporate risk from unknown or understated subcontractor costs by ensuring accuracy in the calculation of payments
  • Enables you to avoid costly fines by addressing HMRC requirements for CIS payments
  • Allows you to concentrate on value-added tasks by reducing time spent on administration

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