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Inoapps Rentals Cloud

A one-stop solution for all your equipment rentals

Total visibility of rented assets

Rentals-intensive industries such as construction and energy face a universal challenge when it comes to tracking the ownership, physical location, associated costs, and status of the equipment they rely on. Businesses are often fined for returning late, incomplete or damaged equipment and it is common to see project delays due to a breakdown in the rental supply chain.

Get the equipment you need, when and where you need it

Managing the rental lifecycle is difficult and time-consuming. Inoapps Rentals Cloud and Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) enable end-to-end execution of the rentals process that ensures the right equipment is at the right place, at the right time—every time.

What will Inoapps Rentals Cloud do for you?

  • Track equipment ownership, location, costs and status
  • Minimize late, incomplete or damaged returns
  • Avoid project delays due to rentals supply chain issues
  • One-stop solution for the complete rental lifecycle

Functional highlights

Rental Management

  • Caters for Internal Rentals (rental of internally owned items to other business units within a group), Supplier Rentals (rental of equipment from third party supplier organizations) and Customer Rentals (rental of internally owned equipment direct to customers)
  • Tracks shipping and logistics dates and damages associated with a rental lifecycle
  • Ability to schedule item maintenance windows and transfer items from one rental order to another
  • Integrates with Oracle Procurement, to link every rental with an associated Purchase Order, or can be fully integrated with Oracle Order Management to cater for an end-to-end lifecycle based on Sales Orders


  • Enables project billing calculations at the point of rental, with real-time integration of rental contract billing with the finance system for improved billing accuracy and cash flow
  • Automatic creation of Accounts Receivables (AR) Invoices, Accounts Payables (AP) Invoices and Receipts for all rentals
  • Integrates with Oracle Financial Cloud for improved billing accuracy 


  • Provides accurate reporting of forecasted and actual utilization for assets
  • Ability to report on all current and active rentals based on a wide range of criteria
  • Provides a responsive interactive dashboard to provide key information

Key benefits

  • Ensure the right equipment is at the right place, at the right time, every time
  • Maximize asset utilization and gain visibility of future requirements
  • Minimize costs by reducing project delays and fines due to late return of equipment
  • Improve profitability with increased margins from more effective asset rental management
  • Better tracking of project cost exposure

Inoapps E&C Cloud Portfolio

Inoapps Engineering & Construction Cloud Portfolio

Inoapps Rentals Cloud is part of the Inoapps Engineering & Construction Cloud portfolio, created to aid with the wide-ranging complexities of construction industry projects, from managing subcontractors to tracking budget costs and rental inventories.

The products in this portfolio help ensure the accurate oversight of all aspects of a project lifecycle through fully integrated Oracle Cloud solutions built to tackle challenges specific to the construction industry. The portfolio is here to help you reduce complex administration and save time and money with greater control over financial planning and management.

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