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Inoapps Mobile Receipting

Record and manage receipts associated with purchase orders in real time in the field

Increase accuracy and real time reporting

In construction projects, goods are often delivered to a variety of sites by multiple contractors, which adds logistical complexity to monitoring, managing and recording the goods received. This in turn can impact the overall completion of projects.

Real time data capture

The Inoapps Mobile Receipting solution, designed for smart devices, allows field operatives to record and manage receipts for the goods specified for delivery in purchase orders (POs) created in Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Authorized users can fully or partially receipt goods specified in POs in the field, existing receipts can be corrected, and items can be recorded as returned.

What will Inoapps Mobile Receipting do for you?

  • Allows real time recording and receipting of goods delivered in the field
  • Ensures delivered goods associated with POs are tracked and accounted for
  • Integrates with Oracle Cloud ERP so that goods received are reflected in the system without delay
  • Enables fast resolution of delivery errors and returns
  • Monitors recorded transactions until they are processed

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