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ECM Industries LLC

Implementing a five day close with Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management

ECM Industries

“Our VP of IT looked at all of the different vendors that we had available to us that Oracle gave us the option of; we looked at all of their credentials, and we really liked what we saw from Inoapps. From day one when they did the demo with us, they have proved that decision right. They have been a great company for us to work with!”

Brad Kosler Vice President of Finance, ECM Industries

Customer profile

ECM Industries, LLC is a global manufacturer and supplier of electrical products for construction and maintenance, irrigation and landscape supply, and natural gas/cathodic industries. ECM Industries is heavily involved in acquisitions, which results in the need to consolidate separate financial systems. As its existing consolidation software was being decommissioned, ECM looked to Gartner to help find the best-in-class companies with experience implementing Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) tools.