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Inoapps My Contractor Experience

Our award-winning solution for managing high volume contractors

Inoapps My Contractor Experience harnesses the power of Oracle ME, enhanced with Inoapps solutions, to help you seamlessly onboard, manage and retain the contractors your business relies on.

In our highly competitive global labor market, competition to attract talent is fierce and contractors are increasingly selective. Inoapps My Contractor Experience takes the hassle out of contractor administration. For contractors, it facilitates fast onboarding and prompt payment. For employers, it smooths admin tasks and helps you identify the talent you would like to engage in the future.

What will Inoapps My Contractor Experience do for you?

  • Efficient processes enhance your ability to attract and retain the best and most experienced talent
  • Remove organizational constraints as to which agencies you obtain contractors from, usually created to reduce admin
  • Speed up future recruitment by targeting previously successful contractors

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