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Leading energy company

Adopting Inoapps Energy Cloud powered by Oracle ERP and HCM

Customer Profile

Established in early 2000 and headquartered in Texas, Inoapps industry leading Oil & Gas client is focused on exploration of emerging frontier areas as well as production along the Atlantic Margin and Gulf of Mexico with a significant track record of major discoveries in June 2007, and recent revelations of offshore natural gas continue to provide significant contributions to energy exploration.

The Challenge

As a fast-growing Oil & Gas Exploration and Production company, Inoapps client identified a need to gain better business insight across its organization. Multiple solutions were evaluated with the aim of reducing costs through simplification in a unified system.

Several providers were considered including: Oracle, SAP, and Infor. Oracle was selected with Inoapps as partner of choice because of the robust Oil & Gas Industry Solutions and experience.

One of the key areas for the business to address was an over investment of time and resources on the complexity of joint ventures, which require accurate cost allocation. The business held data in a variety of systems and utilized an invoicing system that pulled data from spreadsheets and other databases. The disjointed nature of this data and supporting systems led to a lack of transparency and insight into the costs being incurred meaning accurate billing of joint ventures required significant manual effort.

This led to struggles in making informed, strategic decisions, and wasn’t conducive to a modern, agile and creative working environment

The Solution

Inoapps worked closely with this particular client to implement Oracle HCM, ERP, and SCM along with Inoapps Energy Cloud which include specific Oil & Gas solutions such as Inoapps Simplified Time Writing Solution for field workers, Manifesting and Joint Venture Accounting. Inoapps Energy Cloud has proven critical in streamlining business processes through automation and now provides a single global view of current partnership investments.

During the initial implementation phase a significant acquisition was announced which substantially increased the Oil and Gas production of the company. Implementing Oracle Cloud Suite along with Inoapps complementary Energy Cloud Solutions has given the client a solid platform to handle the system side of this recent acquisition.

In turn, Inoapps and Oracle have provided the foundation for a more seamless operational process and transition of business.


  • A single global view of employee information, organization, and resources
  • Efficiencies in process through standardization and a unified system
  • Automation of routine processes
  • Near real-time visibility into all projects and joint ventures
  • Greater control and governance allows the business to enforce policy