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Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR) Accelerator


Years' Engineering & Construction experience has shaped our solution

The accurate tracking and financing of project delivery are vital to maximising profitability in the Construction sector. Once a project is won, various elements of financial risk can come into play, such as material costs, contract variations, timelines and specifications. Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR) is an essential tool for ongoing revenue management, tracking finances and enabling early identification of potential commercial problems.

How can our Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR) Accelerator help?

Our CVR Accelerator helps increase the speed and accuracy of implementing a CVR solution. It is powered by a set of data extraction tools and pre-built CVR reports which you can customise to fit your business needs. The solution is built in Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service which allows organisations, regardless of size, to improve forecast accuracy, with minimal IT resources.

Key Features

With our CVR Accelerator, you can:

  • Increases the speed and accuracy of implementing a CVR reporting solution in your business which fits the way your business calculates CVR
  • Consists of a powerful set of data extract tools, a pre-defined data model and suite of pre-built CVR reports to which businesses can apply their own business rules
  • Developed using Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service which enables organisations of any size to rapidly adopt world-class planning capabilities
  • Cumulative and periodic cost analysis
  • Actual Vs Budget Vs Forecast to Complete Management
  • Cumulative and Periodic Billing analysis
  • Revenue Recognition Analysis


  • Enforces audit, governance and control across your CVR process.​
  • Enables you to quickly and easily establish revenue recognition and earned value.
  • Maximises margins and provides visibility into variances.​
  • Allows early stage identification and resolution of potential commercial problems.
  • Delivers improved financial control through better management of the retention and retention release lifecycle.​
  • Reduce corporate risk from overstated customer billings by ensuring accuracy in the calculation of invoices.

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