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Inoapps Customer Billing Cloud

Cut out the complexity and take control of your customer billing

Are you ready to put away the spreadsheets?

Effective financial management is key to making a profit in the Engineering and Construction industry, particularly as margins remain tight. Managing customer billing is complicated and time consuming, especially if your organization is running disparate systems, or tracking information in Excel across multiple, complex projects.

A single, automated and easy to use system

Inoapps Customer Billing Cloud integrates with Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to deliver an end-to-end business process in a fully integrated solution that helps you keep track of every aspect of your customer billing lifecycle.

What will Inoapps Customer Billing Cloud do for you?

  • Automate your customer billing process along with the processing and management of retentions, retention release and contra charges
  • Support reimbursable and milestone billing
  • Ensure greater visibility and tracking of every aspect of the customer billing process with detailed reporting tools
  • Reduce corporate risk from inaccurate customer billing
  • Concentrate on value added tasks by reducing time spent on administration

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