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Inoapps SecurePass

Taking the hassle and cost out of Oracle password resets

Save time and money on password management

Access to Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Capital Management is controlled by user name and password. When you forget your password, it can be reset by an email sent to your corporate email address. However employees such as contingent and manual workers or retail staff often don’t require an email address as part of their everyday jobs, which presents a challenge when needing to reset their passwords. The administration of password resets for such employees is a slow and often expensive process that can have a negative effect on company and system performance.

Take control with SecurePass

Inoapps SecurePass provides employees that do not have a corporate email account with a fast self-service option for resetting their Oracle passwords. When an employee login attempt fails, a link is sent within the browser that takes them to the SecurePass landing page. Here they can enter personal information and, when validated, the application generates a new password in the Oracle system and sends an SMS message to the employee via their personal phone without having to contact the IT Helpdesk.

What will Inoapps SecurePass do for you?

  • SecurePass is a secure service that allows employees to manage their Oracle Cloud password reset process even if they don’t have a corporate email account
  • Without having to contact the IT Helpdesk, it allows users to access their critical systems, even if they forget their credentials
  • Increases efficiency and improves the bottom line with reduced help desk activity and less non-working time for employees

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