Inoapps 23B Industry Cloud Extensions

13 June 2023
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New features and enhancements for Subcontractor Management, Rentals, CIS, Customer Billing & Outturn Planning

June 2023 sees the 23B release of Inoapps’ Industry Cloud Extensions, industry-focused solutions that extend the capabilities of Oracle Cloud ERP to meet the specific needs of customers in the energy, engineering & construction, higher education, professional services and public sectors. 

The very latest releases have been made available to all customers as part of Release 23B, and deliver a range of new features and enhancements, including:

Inoapps Subcontractor Management Cloud
Track and manage every aspect of your subcontractor management lifecycle

  • Subcontractor Management Cloud (SCM) now allows users to Cancel / Reverse the Certified Submissions with Retention Release. This enhancement aims to address the need to correct mistakes and provides users with increased flexibility in managing their submissions.
  • A new configuration feature has been added that allows users to define Tax Derivation Options by Business Unit. This configuration enables users to specify the source of Tax Classification Codes by Business Unit.
  • The release includes an enhancement to allow users with the relevant role to record Negative Submissions and automatically corrects the receipts when a negative submission is created in Oracle.
  • The payment Certificates / Reports in the SCM module now includes the Business Unit Name field, along with the information from Purchase Orders created in Oracle.
  • The Date Paid field was previously limited to Authenticated Tax Receipt invoices, but it has now been extended to include Self Billing and Direct Billing invoice types as well.

Inoapps Rentals Cloud
Efficiently and effectively manage your rental equipment to maximize utilization 

  • New functionality introduces the ability to correct previously billed timesheets and amend or delete suspensions.
  • A new process for the cancellation of a Rentals Return or Actual Off Hire Date.
  • The ability to return or correct a specific receipt for ancillary items within Rentals.
  • The Run billing option is now available on the order at the Header Level whenever there are pending lines to be billed, meaning a user can now run the billing on the same day multiple times for the same order.
  • Parameter introduced to filter Rental and non-Rentals Line, along with a column to display status, which both offers a useful filter and reduces the time required to load the report.

Inoapps Construction Industry Scheme Cloud
Save time and stay compliant with Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) legislation

  • Segregated Roles and Responsibilities of CIS USER into User Duties has been introduced to control the access to Verify Subcontractors and Create CIS Return Submissions within the CIS application.
  • Performance has been improved for the loading of the CIS Dashboard.

Inoapps Customer Billing Cloud
Cut out the complexity and take control of your customer billing

  • The release includes further extension to the Oracle Deep Linking features from within Customer Billing Management (CBM) so that Invoice Numbers can now be accessed from CBM submission lines.
  • A new feature introduces the ability for Applied Distribution lines to be uploaded via Microsoft Excel for standard billing.
  • Reversal capabilities have been introduced for submissions associated with Milestone Billing Events.
  • CBM will now display the Tax Classification Code at Project Contract to the user along with the Contract Line level. In addition, Contract Line Tax Classification Code is now available from Submission Lines.

Inoapps Outturn Planning
Helping you make well informed decisions to increase construction project profitability

  • A new configuration option has been added. Users can now select the Auto Reconciliation of Expected Cost with Actual Cost and choose between Task Level and Resource Level.
  • New Approved Only and Project Forecast radio buttons have been introduced to incorporate both approved and unapproved transaction statuses into the Project Summary.
  • The release includes an update to the calculation manual for Margin Calculations and Risks & Opportunities Calculations in response to customer feedback.

Systems Administration application

  • Ability to manage the delegation of authority/ vacation rules to allow approval to be routed elsewhere when an approver is not available.
  • Approval emails now contain a link that allows the user to be taken to the underlying transaction. A new Progressive Web Application (PWA) for approvals, named ICC Approval Portal, has also been introduced for security.
  • Oracle Digital Assistant has been enabled and is available on all pages in the Subcontractor Management module.
  • Queue Manager Retention Period is now set by a new editable Queue Retention Days feature. Functionality has been introduced to allow the default period to be extended beyond the current default value.

The 23B release also includes an upgrade to APEX version 22.2.

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