Inoapps 23D Industry Cloud Extensions

11 December 2023
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New features and enhancements

December 2023 sees the 23D release of Inoapps’ Industry Cloud Extensions, industry-focused solutions that extend the capabilities of Oracle Cloud ERP to meet the specific needs of customers in the Energy and Engineering & Construction sectors.   

The very latest releases have been made available to all customers as part of Release 23D, and deliver a range of new features and enhancements, including the following.

Common Application features (previously called Administration Portfolio)

Audit Trail facility enhancements
Accurate record keeping and accountability is vital when reporting transactions to justify budget. The Audit Trail facility was previously enhanced in Outturn Planning to capture a detailed log of project approvals and rejections performed through Approval Override. With this release, we extend this to Customer Billing and Subcontractor Management. Now, when using Approval Override, the reasons for approvals get logged in the Details column of the Audit Trail Report and in the Approval List.

Inoapps Subcontractor Management Cloud
Track and manage every aspect of your subcontractor management lifecycle

Defining tax codes source
You now have the option to define the source of Tax Classification Codes by Business Unit through Tax Derivation Options. This is flexible and can be updated through your user preferences at any time.

Option to specify Purchase Order as source
The Procurement Business Unit column allows you to display the default Tax Classification Code in Submission Lines based on source preferences for a Business Unit. This now includes Purchase Order as a source. If a source (e.g. Previous submission, Supplier Address, Supplier Header) doesn’t include a Tax Classification Code, the system defaults to the next source in the hierarchy, which now includes Purchase Order.

Inoapps Outturn Planning
Helping you make well informed decisions to increase construction project profitability

Ability for superusers to reassign approvals for transactions
In construction projects, the timely approval of payment transactions can be vital for accurate budget reporting and forecasting. Outturn Planning Superusers can now reassign approval authority from one user to another. This ensures transactions can be approved or rejected quickly, and delays through staff absence can be avoided.

Enhanced oversight on developing project costs
A new configurable toggle feature on the Project Summary screen allows you to select between Original Purchase Order Value and Latest Purchase Order Value for an at-a-glance view of the difference between original and latest order values. This lets you keep an eye on the developing costs of the project, and you can use the project calculations to inform the Anticipated Final Costs and the Subcontractor Managed Costs in reporting.

Inoapps Rentals Cloud
Efficiently and effectively manage your rental equipment to maximize utilization

Non-Rental items enhancements
With this release, we extend the standard functionality for Rental items to Non-Rentals, and facilitate the provision of more information for Non-Rental items. This includes:

  • Addition of Waybill, Packing Slip and Notes columns to the Rental Lines Report
  • An Audit Trail on the Non-Rentals screen so you can view changes like returns or corrections, as well as who made the changes, and when
  • The ability to delete attempted adjustments to Non-Rental items when an error has occurred and the posting to Oracle was unsuccessful

Ability to enter suspension period for off hire items
Sometimes you need to adjust billing after a rental cycle has concluded. For example, if an item was unavailable for a time during the allocation period but wasn’t recorded, which would result in over receipting. From this release onwards, you can enter a suspension after the billing has run, and the quantity is then corrected through Automatic Adjustments.

View Closed and Finally Closed orders
You can now view Closed and Finally Closed orders in Oracle through your Rentals request page. This lets you see the order history to satisfy business requirements, like auditing, which might affect the Purchase Order.

Mobile Receipting and Construction Industry Scheme modules have no major feature updates for the 23D release.

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