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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for your enterprise applications

"Since the migration and upgrade of EBS MTVH have seen significant performance improvements, notably the retro pay run, which used to take three hours, can now be performed in 55 minutes."
Manjit Gupta, Head of Business Systems, Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing

Gartner Market Guide for OCI 2023

Many see a move to the cloud as being about paying less for CPU time. While this may be the case, the real value of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the bigger picture around factors like scalability, performance and process optimization.

Moving to OCI is your chance to optimize and deliver significant back office IT support benefits. This means thinking about what would help you build a better cloud ROI case and putting science into the planning process, based on metrics aligned to clear goals, not assumptions or guesswork.

Moving out of your data center represents as much of a political and cultural shift as a technological one. At Inoapps, we can offer you the experience and expertise to help minimize your commercial and technical risk and smooth the path to cultural change.

What will Inoapps do for you?

  • Save you time and money by making the most of Oracle IT fundamentals in the cloud. At Inoapps, we use all of this technology in our own business, and know exactly how to get the most of OCI, whether for security and single sign-on, integration services, analytics or more.
  • Help you realize value that goes beyond cost savings. We will foreground important factors and dependencies like networking speed, backups and security, all crucial elements to be factored into your ROI and cost model.
  • Ensure a holistic view of security in the cloud. We can offer advice that goes beyond perimeter security, looking at confidentiality, availability and integrity, and conduct health checks when needed.
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Inoapps OCI expertise covers

Database Cloud Services

OCI offers a broad range of options for deploying your Oracle Databases including VMs, shared or dedicated hardware, Exadata Cloud Service and Autonomous Databases. So how do you know which is the right fit for you?

We have extensive experience deploying Oracle Database Cloud Services and manage a very large estate on behalf of our customers, which gives us deep insight into the benefits of each option.

In order to advise you, we take a detailed view of the usage profile of your Oracle Databases, including the applications they will support and the performance, scalability and recoverability required. This technical perspective is used alongside commercial considerations to recommend the best available option or options.

Once the most appropriate Database Cloud Service has been determined, our team of Oracle specialists can support the deployment. And for existing databases, we will help plan and deliver the migration required to the new Database Cloud Service.

Cloud Analytics

Here at Inoapps, we use Oracle Analytics Cloud Service to help inform decision making, so we have a deep and personal insight that we love to share with our customers.

Whether you’re considering the move from using on-premises Business Intelligence tools to cloud, or need a brand new Analytics deployment, we can both advise and implement the right solution for you.

DevOps & Cloud Native

Whether you’re already using Containers, Microservices and Serverless architectures or looking to make the move, we can help you plan a smooth transition process and gain the freedom and flexibility that a managed and pay-for-what-you use cloud model provides.

OCI provides developers with a comprehensive portfolio of tools and developer services to build new cloud native applications. Whether you’re already using the capabilities of tools including Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins and Kubernetes, or are new to the Continuous Integration/Continuous Development approach we can guide you to make the most of these both technically and commercially

For organizations with Oracle Databases, we can also help you develop a low code approach using Oracle Application Express (APEX). Inoapps has extensive APEX experience, having built mission critical applications for our customers, developed our Products portfolio, and written our own business applications.

Identity Cloud and Oracle Cloud IAM

As organizations move towards a Hybrid Cloud with a mix of on-premises and cloud-based applications, many are looking to centralize their Identity Management in the cloud. Inoapps can help you assess the impact and plan the introduction of Identity Cloud Service or OCI Identity and Access Management (IAM) to enable a simpler and better user experience.

As a key security component for user access, we can use our experience to design the solution, assist with the migration from any existing solution, and assess the impact on applications to ensure the transition is carried out with minimal disruption to users.

Infrastructure as a Service

When on-premises hardware and storage is aging, running low in capacity, or failing to meet your technical and business requirements, Inoapps can guide you to the latest Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings.

With a number of IaaS offerings suitable for a wide range of application needs, we can help you select the most suitable option to deliver the right capacity, flexibility and performance at the most beneficial cost.

With IaaS, you can deploy fully secure environments in a choice of available regions globally to meet your individual business requirements, interconnected as needed with on-premises and other public clouds.

Cloud integration

No Oracle Cloud project exists in silo. It’s likely that you have a range of systems across your IT landscape. Whether expense systems, external payroll, supplier invoicing or bank interactions, seamless integrations form the backbone of robust solutions.

Inoapps has delivered cloud integrations since 2013 and we’ve learned that working closely with the functional application workstream, business users and IT teams is pivotal to future proofed solutions.

Inoapps offers a flexible approach to providing integration services and we can cater for your unique needs. We typically see two approaches to the integration workstream.

Inoapps owned

This is the most common approach. Here we take full responsibility for the design, documentation, build and testing of integrations. Our team of certified integration professionals works closely with functional application consultants, solution architects, business users and your IT teams. And a dedicated Inoapps technical project manager ensures the workstream supports the overall project and meets key milestones.

Inoapps consulted

This approach typically comes into play if you have a mature internal IT function with perhaps existing integration technologies. Here we provide the Oracle expertise, whether that’s the correct API to call, file formats for batch processes, sample payloads, documentation or debugging. This approach provides expert services to your IT team to help them grow their Oracle knowledge.

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