QBE Insurance Group's Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Migration

13 May 2024

Webinar Replay

Discover how QBE Insurance Group successfully migrated both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to satisfy their Cloud First agenda in this exclusive webinar hosted by Inoapps.

Watch the replay to hear experts from Inoapps, Oracle and QBE Insurance Group share insights into the challenges faced, strategies employed, and the benefits reaped from this transformative migration. Learn how OCI has helped QBE Insurance Group enhance scalability, security, and cost-efficiency, and gain valuable insights for your organization's cloud migration strategy.

Key Points:

  • Overview of QBE Insurance Group's migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Challenges encountered during the migration process.
  • Strategies employed for a smooth transition to OCI.
  • Benefits experienced by QBE Insurance Group post-migration, including increased scalability, enhanced security, and reduced costs.
  • Insights into leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for your organization's IT transformation
  • Managing a multi-cloud strategy

Watch the full webinar today and contact us to discuss your organization's approach to the Cloud.

Read more here about our global expertise in migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and how we can support your migration without interruption to your critical business systems.


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