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Analytics & Business Intelligence

Driving better decisions through insight and understanding

If you’re like many businesses, data is one of your most valuable assets—data about your customers, your business processes, the talent within your workforce. And of course the financial data that underpins your success. But is that data working as hard as it could to help you make the right decisions at the right time?

The Inoapps Analytics and Business Intelligence team is here to help you make better decisions by enabling powerful analytics and reporting to deliver insight and understanding from your data. Using tools from the Oracle Analytics portfolio, the Inoapps team can help design, develop, deliver and enable multi-dimensional reporting to support your entire organization.

What can the Inoapps Analytics team do for you?

  • Define the key stakeholders and process owners that need to be supported by the analytics framework, and understand their requirements and needs
  • Develop reporting and analytics strategies for projects, defining the scope, objectives, approach and team members to deliver the required outcomes
  • Produce a comprehensive solution design for all project deliverables, defining the business and technical specifications needed to produce reporting solutions
  • Deliver high quality, robust, secure and highly performant reporting components, proven to meet required specifications
  • Enable and empower your business users to adopt the analytics frameworks, deploying self-service, next generation reporting solutions to meet changing needs

Our analytics services include

Analytics for Oracle Cloud Applications

Oracle Cloud Applications can deliver powerful business processes and enable transformational efficiencies for any organization. However, while Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Capital Management (HCM) deliver wide ranging ‘out of the box’ reporting capabilities, those capabilities need to be enabled to meet the specific needs of individual organizations.

Inoapps has proven expertise in delivering reporting and analytics solutions to support Oracle Cloud Applications deployments—from dashboards, infolets, transactional and trend reports, to real time alerts and insight. The Inoapps Analytics team will ensure that your Cloud Applications support your core business objectives through insight and understanding.

Oracle Data Warehousing solutions

Oracle Analytics has been used to deliver corporate data warehousing solutions since the earliest days of databases and Management Information Systems, and the latest generation of Oracle Analytics tools continue that strong heritage.

Inoapps has a proven track record of delivering complex, multi-dimensional data warehousing solutions combining the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse with the Oracle Analytics Cloud Service, and collating data from disparate sources to deliver powerful, consolidated insight and understanding.

Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform

The latest solution from the Oracle Analytics team, Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform offers the very best of pre-built data warehousing solutions, optimized to meet the specific needs of Oracle Cloud Applications. With pre-defined data extraction, transformation and loading frameworks, combined with pre-built metadata, and a comprehensive library of reporting outputs, Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform allows rapid deployment to deliver true insight.

Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform also allows data from external data sources to be combined and consolidated with the data from Oracle Cloud Applications. This enables complex, multi-source enterprise reporting, delivered to a rapid project timeline at a low cost of ownership.

Inoapps has a proven track record of successful delivery of Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform solutions, and can help your organization achieve rapid business benefits.

Reporting and analytics training

To achieve optimal reporting and analytic outcomes, your team needs to learn and understand a variety of Oracle tools used to deliver reporting content.

The Inoapps Analytics team delivers a range of training services to ensure each member of your team is proficient with the right tools for their roles. We’ll help you optimize each team member’s reporting journey with: 

  • End user training on Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
  • Tech team training on report development using Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher
  • Reporting and Analytics system administration training
  • Advanced and super user training

Speak to our team of experts to understand your training options and how you can maximize your reporting and analytic outcomes through effective and targeted training.

The Inoapps Reporting Portfolio

The Oracle Reporting and Analytics portfolio contains many tools and solutions to deliver reporting outcomes. 

Inoapps has deep expertise and proven success across the following:

  • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud Services
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform
  • Oracle Discoverer
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  • XML Publisher
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Oracle Reports

If your organization has a reporting need across any of the Oracle portfolio options, contact the team at Inoapps to discuss how we can help.