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Enterprise Performance Management

The backbone for visualizing and operating your business in your financial transformation

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is not simply a sophisticated enterprise technology. It is a way for the CFO’s team to visualize and run the business. Each function within the team will use the EPM toolset in different ways, with different data needs.

Inoapps leverages the most relevant concepts from finance transformation best practices to ensure that when an EPM application is put in place, it is part of a wider digital transformation. Implementing a tool can help automate processes, but the greatest value is delivered when the technology is built around an ideal future state process.

Here at Inoapps, we partner with our customers to maximize project ROI and deliver a process and technology that will be adopted by analysts and executives alike.

What will Inoapps Enterprise Performance Management do for you?

  • Create more efficient processes by automating error-prone manual work
  • Provide a robust reporting and analytics framework to help drive critical business processes
  • Enable a single version of the truth
  • Enforce data integrity and governance
  • Increase confidence in the data by improving data transparency, helping analysts answer the ‘why’ behind variances

Oracle Expertise: Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management for

The Office of the CFO

The Office of the CFO is the quantitative- and numbers-focused arm of the business. Whether finance, accounting or treasury, the teams focus on breaking down the business quantitatively to help drive operational decision making from both a tactical and strategic point of view.

EPM a powerful enabling tool that acts as the backbone to support your organizations’ processes.  As you embark on your transformation roadmap, it is critical to evaluate each of your processes to ensure the effort expended on them aligns with spend.

Are your organization’s processes delivering commensurate value? Are you getting the appropriate ROI out of each step? Driving excellence through process change is as important as having an enabling technology.

The HR team

Although EPM is primarily a tool for the CFO and team, many organizations need to leverage the robust reporting and forecasting capabilities to augment their HR operations. 

Integrating mission-critical HR systems such as Oracle HCM will streamline the ways Operations are able to manage and maintain their workforce as the organization grows. Finance, HR, and Operations are highly interlinked, and ensuring that stakeholders have access to a world class reporting and budgeting tool to support an efficient process is crucial.

The IT team

Moving EPM from IT-owned and maintained hardware to a cloud subscription license is an incredibly efficient way to reduce complexity, overall spend, and capital investment. Is maintaining hardware truly a competitive advantage in the current business environment? Most would say no.

Being able to scale up or down in the cloud reduces the need for staff with highly specialized skillsets, and reduces overall consulting spend. In addition to IT-focused operational benefits, the ability to manage, plan, and report on business-critical IT projects is included in the tool with a single interface. Being able to integrate IT projects into each budget or forecast is now simple and easy once your solution is configured. 

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