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SAC Wireless

Inoapps Construction Cloud to augment Oracle Cloud ERP

Customer profile

SAC Wireless is a wholly owned, independently operated Nokia company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. SAC offers turnkey services to support major network builds and upgrades by providing end-to-end services including program management, engineering and construction and maintenance services.

The challenge

SAC purchased Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management Cloud to support their growth and transform their business. As a key partner for major communications service providers, utility companies and smart cities in the US, it’s vital that their network projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to specification.

To ensure Oracle Cloud fully supported SAC’s business needs, the lead system integrator on the project approached us to partner on the project to implement our Inoapps Construction Cloud in order to deliver a functionally complete Oracle Cloud solution.

Key business requirements

  • Standardize purchasing activities​
  • Improve the overall employee experience ​
  • Implement unique sourcing based on project, item, and location-specific rules​
  • Data accessibility for reporting ​
  • Integration with Oracle Order Management and Bill of Material to automate sourcing and planning activities for project managers​
  • Automatic application of optimal pricing agreement for materials​

The solution

Inoapps Construction Cloud, including Inoapps Commercial Management Cloud, was selected to support and augment SAC’s Oracle Cloud ERP capabilities, to provide a proven Oracle Cloud extension for a seamless system transformation.

Our Construction Cloud extensions give SAC the ability to easily manage construction-related projects built on the native capability of Oracle Cloud ERP.

The solution provides:

  • A centralized view for procurement
  • Aggregation of all project costs and revenue per project
  • Automation of purchase order creation based on project status
  • Seamlessly integration with standard Oracle analytics for real-time reporting and analysis

It also lets users plan and model upcoming projects to send through an approval process before converting them into live projects in Oracle with pre-authorized budget limits, costings, revenues, and work breakdown orders.


  • Delivers purchasing, change orders and budget validation in one view
  • Enables supplier and statutes interfacing
  • Simplifies cost and revenue budget creation through automation
  • Provides increased control of granular supplier data and relationships​