Delivering PortmanDentex an Employee Experience to Smile About

25 April 2024

Webinar Replay

Missed our webinar on transforming employee experience at PortmanDentex? Watch the replay now and learn how to quickly achieve value from by modernizing your HR systems and processes.

In this interactive Q&A session, moderated by Inoapps’ SVP Professional Services, John Thacker, you'll hear from Karl de Bruijn, Chief Information and Technology Officer at PortmanDentex, and Debra Lilley, VP Customer Success at Inoapps.


  • Real-life considerations and lessons learned from a customer currently transitioning to the Cloud
  • Technology solutions that enable rapid implementation and support fast growth
  • How Oracle HCM Now and Inoapps Evolve accelerate implementation, ensuring quick time to value for your organization.

Don't miss out on valuable insights and practical tips to transform your HR processes and enhance employee satisfaction. Watch the replay now by clicking above!

Learn more about Inoapps Evolve our accelerated implementation approach for Oracle Cloud.

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