Recognizing the value of Oracle APEX and the Inoapps Products portfolio

3 October 2022
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And the winner is...

By Dermot Murray, VP of Technology at Inoapps

A long, long time ago, an enthusiastic, if slightly nerdy, schoolboy signed up for a weekly subscription to Computing magazine. Sparked by a passion for the Sinclair Spectrum and such mid 80s innovation, he would look forward to the weekly delivery of the latest news in the world of tech, somewhat over awed by the insight and vision of those clever people.

Roll forward a few decades, and that same, slightly nerdy individual now works with a team of equally clever people, delivering business applications using Oracle Technologies—he still reads Computing magazine (which has of course long since moved away from being a physical magazine) to find out the latest tech news.

How proud that teenager would have been to know that one day a project he was closely involved with would be up for a prestigious award in that same publication.

October sees the Computing magazine Technology Product Awards—and the Inoapps Legacy Archiving solution is up for the Infrastructure Project of the year.

If you'd like to find out more, this blog series has featured previous posts about our innovative application:

The Evolution of an Oracle APEX Application - Inoapps EBS Legacy Archiving

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The Inoapps Products team has worked hard to continually develop this solution from an initial deployment to solve the needs of a single customer to our most successful portfolio offering so far, with new customers going live every month, incremental features, and a listing on Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

This nomination is also recognition of the power of the Oracle Application Express (APEX) platform to enable highly performant enterprise grade applications to be delivered at low cost, high quality and with maximum security.

If you have a spare moment, perhaps you could take the time to vote for our solution—and make an excitable teenage geek and his clever team very proud of what has been delivered…

Vote for our solution here

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