Did you miss the On-Premise Applications Roadmapping webinar?

25 April 2023
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Watch on demand to your options as an Oracle Applications Unlimited Customer

As an Oracle Apps Unlimited customer, your next step can be confusing. Should you move to Cloud Applications, run your current application on Cloud Infrastructure, or is doing nothing an option?

No answer is wrong if you can articulate why – and we can help you determine your “why”.

This session looks at some of the factors you should consider and understand the logic behind the options available. This review of road mapping will explore what route other organizations have taken through real case studies and the reasoning behind their decision.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Comparison of Oracle on-prem applications and SaaS applications
  • Considerations to keep in mind when evaluating your options
  • Review of customer case studies – which path they chose and why


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