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24 February 2020
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Coming Soon from The Inoapps Ideation Team!

2020 sees the launch of the Inoapps Ideation team, a new division within Inoapps, dedicated to Innovation, Labs and Future Thinking.

Innovation is in Inoapps' DNA. We've even incorporated the philosophy into our name -  INnOvative APPplicationS. Throughout the many projects that we have delivered, we have consistently delivered innovative solutions to meet the real world business problems our customers present to us.  Our Products division has developed a suite of dedicated solutions for the key industry markets that we focus on, adopting the latest Oracle tools and technologies to build these.

However, we see that the speed of innovation is growing exponentially faster - the development of next generation cloud solutions, AI, Machine Learning and Big Data is allowing organisations to solve more complex business problems, quicker and at a lower cost than ever before. For this reason, we have built a dedicated team, focused on the identification, development and delivery of innovative solutions to meet the challenges our customers face. 

Using a wide range of Cloud solutions from Oracle, as well as industry leading solutions from other innovative platforms, the team is focused on building prototypes, proof of concepts and "lab" based solutions for challenges set by our customers, prospects and partners.  We will then take those solutions and showcase them as examples of how these technology solutions can be used to solve real world problems.

Some of the projects will be using mainstream technologies in innovative ways to solve problems, others will use next generation tools, tools that may not currently be widely used in industry, but offer excellent potential to add value in the future.  

The Inoapps Futures pages will be the place to keep up to date the Ideation Team's latest developments and activity, along with commentary and insight on new developments in the Oracle space.

Make sure you check in regularly to keep track of the new offerings - and if your organisation has a challenge or business problem that they would like to explore, then contact us to see how we can help.

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