Inoapps 23A Industry Cloud Extensions

14 March 2023
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New features include extensions to our Subcontractor Management, Rentals Cloud and Outturn Planning solutions

March 2023 sees the 23A release of Inoapps’ Industry Cloud Extensions, industry-focused solutions that extend the capabilities of Oracle Cloud ERP to meet the specific needs of customers in the energy, engineering & construction, higher education, professional services and public sectors. 

The latest releases have been made available to all customers as part of Release 23A, and deliver a range of new features and enhancements, including:

Subcontractor Management Cloud - Delivering advanced capabilities to manage your Subcontractors 

  • SCM submission process user experience streamlined to a single Save & Submit action
  • New optional configuration for Approval Limits can now be applied to all Approval Rules defined for SCM submissions
  • Users can now correct errors in CIS Not Applicable selection through new amendment functionality
  • Further extension of the use of Oracle Deeplinking within the SCM module
  • Interactions functionality has be revised and updated

Rentals Cloud – efficiently and effectively managing rental equipment to maximize utilization 

  • New functionality introduces the ability to incrementally allocate and bill non-rental items for External Supplier Rentals
  • Rental Line items can be dynamically updated from the required Purchase Order Quantity with change orders (e.g. quantity change), amend dates (e.g. amended actual on hire) and partial returns to determine a Maximum Bill to Date
  • Functionality for Amend Dates has been revised and enhanced and an Amend Dates Report has been created in External Rentals for users who to need to see Purchase Order Lines that require a change order before an amendment can be submitted for potential adjustment
  • Feature to allow the Purchase Order end date to dynamically be updated based on PO change order or the Amend Dates functionality based on a number of different scenarios has been introduced

Systems Administration application

  • New feature in the Approval Rules screen for the optional configuration of Approval Limits in the Subcontractor Management module
  • Additional guidance on scheduled Common Jobs has been expanded in the online Knowledge Base including the advised frequency of Core Jobs

Customer Billing Management application

  • ETC Total Amount feature added to the Event Type Distribution pane for Approved Amount and Approved Distribution
  • Reversal capabilities have been introduced for submissions associated with Milestone Billing Events

Outturn Planning application

  • Approval workflow of project summary calculations has been revised and only Approved transactions will be considered. Applies to Reallocations, Customer Variations, Subcontractor Variations, Additional Items, Risks and Opportunities, Revenue Budget, and Cost Budget
  • OTP Supplier type configuration has been converted to a table format to  improve on the previous shuttle format. This allows the user to add values with a start and end date or at least an active/inactive flag for more detailed reporting
  • Update to calculation manual for Margin Calculations and Risks & Opportunities Calculations in response to customer requirements and feedback

In addition, incremental features have been added to our Customer Billing Management Cloud module, Construction Industry Scheme module, Outturn Planning Cloud module, and Commercial Management Cloud modules to cater for Oracle Cloud ERP 23A release updates.

Inoapps has also rolled out a new look Knowledge Base with a website style homepage, allowing the user to navigate and locate documents easier, and enhanced support material access.

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