Bridging the gap between planning and outcome delivery for universities

10 May 2023

Watch to learn more about connected planning in the HE sector

Back in March 2023, Jennifer Tavano-Gallacher, VP Higher Education at Inoapps delivered a session on connected planning in universities at the Higher Education Partnership Network Event in Manchester.

Watch now to explore how Connected Planning brings together often disparate business planning processes, to create a single end-to-end approach; from strategic planning/spending review through to delivery and performance management.

Learn about how Cloud Technology enables informed decision making and drives successful delivery of outcomes by:

  • Connecting financial and academic planning, aligned with robust risk and performance management;
  • Driving convergence of processes, data and systems across organisations;
  • Delivering sound forecasting, reporting and risk management driven by secure and reliable data;
  • Providing predictive analytics and data visualisation tools, with self-service capabilities, that inform decision making and unlock efficiencies.

What do you, as a university, need to consider when developing this type of leading-edge planning capability? And what can you learn from peers who have travelled this road successfully?

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