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Inoapps Student Funding

Cut time and effort around funding administration

Automate and manage complex student funding

Higher Education institutions in the UK handle funding from multiple sources, with funding often paid in instalments at key periods of the academic year.  Administration of these funding procedures is a major ongoing commitment for Finance teams, requiring high levels of manual processing and intervention, error checking and reporting.

Extend the power of Oracle Cloud Financials

Inoapps Student Funding works alongside Oracle Cloud Financials to take valuable administrative time out of managing complex and intensive tuition funding programs. It automates the receivable accounts and the offset of individual student accounts, working with any student system that may be employed by HEPs in the UK.

What will Inoapps Student Funding do for you?

  • Improve efficiency and free up Finance team time
  • Handle both student tuition fees and accommodation fees, allocating them correctly 
  • Enable deep reporting on different circumstances and student cohorts 
  • Track the total institutional amount owed by or to relevant sponsors
  • Works with any student system that may be employed by UK Higher Education Partners

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