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Inoapps HESA Staff Records

Automate and tailor your HESA returns

Deliver accurate, timely HESA returns

Accurate and timely submission of Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) returns is a cornerstone of Higher Education funding allocation. Managing HESA returns that accurately reflect your organization’s workforce, expertise and capabilities is complicated and time-consuming. 

Extend the power of Oracle Cloud HCM

Inoapps HESA Staff Records facilitates the timely completion and return of required individualized data on staff, contracts, and the activities you undertake as a result of them, working alongside Oracle Cloud HCM. 

What will Inoapps HESA Staff Records do for you?

  • Simplify the process of gathering and validating HESA data
  • Take time and cost out of managing HESA returns
  • Manage specific HESA return requirements such as coding 
  • Automatically reflect changes to HESA data requirements
  • Record consistent data more accurately for better decision making and reporting

Functional highlights

  • Produce statutory HESA staff returns and update them annually to meet changing requirements
  • View return data prior to submission and produce exception and validation reports
  • Maintain a history of data submitted to HESA, enabling comparative year-on-year reporting
  • Exchange data with existing systems to gather HESA data, improving efficiency and accuracy
  • Annual feature updates, including changes in line with evolving statutory requirements 

Key benefits

  • Removes time, cost and effort from production of statutory HESA staff returns
  • Streamlines data preparation and validation
  • Allows Return calculations to be configurable and updated annually to meet changing requirements
  • Enables users to view, update and append HESA data fields and records, exclude records, and calculate HESA IDs for employees
  • Maintains a history of data submitted to HESA, enabling standard comparative reporting of HESA data year-on-year

Inoapps Higher Education Cloud

Inoapps HESA Staff Records is part of Inoapps Higher Education Cloud, created to aid with the challenges of standardizing processes across schools and faculties facing vastly different and evolving requirements and priorities.

The products in this portfolio help ensure the accurate and timely completion of necessary complex administration tasks to improve your staff and student experience so they can better concentrate on the business of education and research.

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