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25 April 2016

25 Apr 16

Keep feeding the dinosaur, or evolve?

Sally Craxton

By Sally Craxton, Key Account Director

The corporate world is changing at a rapid pace; the Millennials are joining our business communities; data continues to explode with 80% of all the world’s data having been created in the last 2 years; and legal and corporate compliance continues to place increasing demands on our staff and our businesses.

So, in this rapidly evolving corporate landscape, what role should technology play?

Research suggests that the typical organisation still spends 80% of its IT budget on managing technology rather than delivering innovation, so do we evolve or just keep feeding the dinosaur to keep it alive?

Here, Inoapps Key Account Director, Sally Craxton, shares thoughts on innovations amongst Inoapps customers transforming their businesses with Oracle Cloud Applications and finally putting the legacy dinosaurs to rest.

Stay ahead, not play catch up. End of life IT should now be a thing of the past. In most investments we now make, we expect additional value through the life of the product as opposed to costly end of life options. In the world of on premise solutions, typically we see end of life software forcing costly upgrades together with significant business change and limited perceived value. With Oracle Cloud technologies we see bi-annual upgrades releasing new and updated functionality to the business, keeping apace of technology change rather than playing catch up. For most businesses running de-supported IT is simply not an option; Oracle Cloud customers recognise the value in staying ahead of the game rather than playing catch up.

Attract and retain the best talent. Not only do our customers and suppliers expect superior experiences from us, so too do our employees. Unsurprisingly, in customers that claim to be ahead of the innovation curve, their employees expect a modern business, enabled by everyday technology. Mobile technologies are rarely classed as innovative by new talent joining our businesses, they are simply part of everyday life.

In most businesses, employees are our most valuable and our most expensive asset, so their experience matters. Oracle Cloud customers often cite employee experience as high on their corporate agenda and providing modern business technologies to their employees as key in their pursuit to hire and retain top talent.

Collaborate. The 80’s often saw us working in private pods in the belief that it focussed our minds on the job. Today’s innovative businesses actively encourage us to collaborate and, aside from emerging Social hubs in the workplace, will expect IT to play its part. We need to connect silos of information, enable interactions between our employees in connected applications, and adopt social and mobile technologies as the ‘norm’. The dinosaur days of leaving your pod to hunt for information is over; we want to connect with colleagues, interact across the business and access information, wherever and whenever.

Differentiate. Differentiation is key to every business and a great IT strategy focusses on innovating where the business is unique, whilst standardising and reinforcing modern best practise where it isn’t. The days of building bespoke back office processes are a thing of the past as modern business technology promotes global standards, enforces workflows, provides auditability and compliance, and receives predictable and regular upgrades to reflect changing business needs. Conversely, we often want the ability to demonstrate uniqueness in operations, customer experience and product management. Inoapps helps Oracle Cloud customers to determine where standardisation and differentiation both add value, and bring them together into a suite of connected Cloud Applications and user experiences.

So who wants to continue to feed the legacy dinosaurs with 80% of the IT budget just to keep it alive? Oracle Cloud customers revolutionise their approach and re-focus that 80% on staying ahead of the game; providing employees with a modern, collaborative and connected environment and focus on differentiation to continue their corporate evolution.

Inoapps will be sharing insights at their upcoming Cloud event on 27th April at RIBA in London. Click here to find out more and register.

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