InSite Plant Hire

Inoapps’ bespoke Plant Hire Module, InSite, integrates seamlessly with Oracle ERP applications, giving instant visibility of plant for managers and enhancing the functionality provided by the core system.

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By optimising the use of plant at all times, this custom application developed in Oracle Application Express (APEX), minimises downtime and maximises productivity, ensuring that the right plant is used for the right job at the right time, saving both time and money.

Apex comes free with the existing Oracle database license and provides a powerful and flexible platform for delivering scalable, web-based solutions.

InSite allows the processing of Purchase Orders raised through Oracle ERP applications, pulling in any purchase order requests for plant equipment (e.g. construction materials, mechanical equipment and plant vehicles etc.)

The requests hold data on each piece of equipment required, the dates they are needed for and the physical location to where they should be delivered. They also include details of the requestor and the project or cost centre that the equipment should be billed to.

InSite allows the plant hire team to process requests by searching the Oracle ERP application inventory through a custom built calendar view that shows them the plant available for the requested dates. The inventory contains a list of every plant item within the company and the status of each (e.g. available for hire, under repair, currently out on hire etc.)

The plant team allocates the necessary available plant to the request and adds any required delivery charges to the request. InSite generates printed hire manifest documents that are used by the plant delivery team to gather the required equipment and deliver it to the requested location.

InSite is completely flexible so caters for the change of an existing request (e.g. to off-hire equipment before it’s requested return date if no longer required, or to transfer the equipment to another request if a job finishes early.)

The allocated plant items themselves can be swapped in and out for other equipment in the inventory if, for example, an item is found to be faulty and needs to be replaced. InSite also caters for externally sourced plant equipment that may be hired / bought from a third party to satisfy a request.

InSite allows for point in time billing of all plant equipment to each requestor. It generates hire charges and delivery charges for each piece of equipment and these are fed back to the accounting/finance modules within the Oracle ERP application, in order to allow the plant team to generate payment requests from the requesting project or cost centre.

InSite Dashboard of Current Activity


1. Plant Hire Search
Allows the plant hire team to search incoming plant hire requests and select them for processing.


2. Plant Hire Workbench
The plant hire team use this to view the individual plant items that make up a request. They create a hire contract based on the request and allocate plant items from the Oracle ERP application inventory to the request.


 3. Available Plant Hire Allocation
This is a calendar view that pops up from the Plant Hire Workbench – it shows the plant hire team details of plant items that are available in the inventory for specific dates and allows them to allocate the plant to the request.

4. Hire Contract Workbench
This allows for the processing of a request after the equipment has been allocated. The plant hire team confirms the dates that the plant equipment is out on hire for. They can also set any delivery charge required or change the allocated plant item for another one from the inventory if required.


 5. Billing
The hire contract details set in the hire contract workbench are used by the billing program to generate debits/credits and post them to the Oracle ERP application.


 6. Billing Run Report
Everything that is billed for through the plant hire application can be viewed in reports. These reports have full search/filtering/customisation capabilities so specific information can be gathered from them and they can be downloaded in MS Excel / CSV / PDF formats. Charts and graphs can also be generated from this data.


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