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Inoapps Energy Cloud for Energy Services

Inoapps Energy Cloud will help you compete effectively for oilfield service jobs and get paid faster by optimizing business processes across your entire organization

Inoapps Energy Cloud for Energy Services

The Energy Services sector is, by nature, asset and resource intensive. Success depends upon effectively managing the many complex facets of the business so they work smoothly together. Organizations must balance complex logistics and demanding construction and maintenance requirements, with the need to effectively control and manage costs to ensure profitability across projects and contracts which can be short term or extend across multiple years and millions of dollars.

There are also the usual challenges which result from operating within complex regulatory regimes which require different levels of reporting. In addition, responding quickly and delivering agreed service levels to clients who are facing similar pressures means that today’s Energy Services providers need to be able to react more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Powerful management of all aspects of Energy Services operations


  • Accurately track and control all areas of financial operations.
  • Plan and budget all areas of your operations to ensure peak performance (Financials, Capex, Expense, Workforce)
  • Control costs and manage financial expectations by managing, communicating and maximizing project budget
  • Increase profitability by identifying profitable services and controlling costs in real time
  • Optimize procurement spend and ensure procurement compliance.  Manage subcontractors effectively and ensure value for your procurement activities

Workforce Management

  • Handle employment with ease
  • Track and control time and compliance
  • Deploy the right personnel to your assets and painlessly handle complex scheduling and travel requirements

Talent Acquisition

  • Find and identify the best resources for your organization at the right cost and in the right locations

Talent Management

  • Ensure higher performance and deliver sector leading training and career development to retain your top talent
  • Utilize advanced planning capability to understand your future workforce demands and requirements

Supply Chain

  • Handle complex global demand and logistics and ensure the right material gets to the right place at the right time
  • Address specific requirements such as Asset Equipment Rental, Contract Management, Procurement compliance and ensure your supply chain is highly efficient

Asset Management

  • Energy services rely heavily on key equipment which must be maintained well to avoid downtime or premature replacement of the asset
  • Our solution addresses all Asset Maintenance requirements with detailed reporting and analytics to ensure uninterrupted operations

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