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Success Stories

Church of England

Discovery Exercise Enables Major Modernization

The Church of England

Customer Profile

The Church of England is the established church of England and the crown dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. It is also the primary church of the international Anglican Communion. The Church is governed through 42 dioceses, which are divided into 12,500 parishes. Seven national administrative bodies, known as National Church Institutions (NCIs), work together to support the different aspects of the Church's work including ministry, mission and education. The NCIs are separate legal entities, but they are a common employer. The Church has a mixture of officer holders and employes runs payroll for the other legal entities that fall under its umbrella. No current Cloud product currently hosts office holders the way the Church is intending.

The Challenge

The Church of England (the Church) is a uniquely complex not-for-profit organization, steeped in tradition and with a complicated HR and payroll structure. As part of an ongoing program of modernization aimed at getting the organization fit for the 21st century and ensuring compliance with legislative updates relating to handling of people information, the Church decided to update its back-office HR & Payroll systems. As a risk averse organization, the Church needed to ensure due diligence had been completed before signing off on any decision. It therefore engaged Inoapps to undertake a Discovery exercise to validate the Church's thinking.

The Solution

Inoapps worked in partnership with the Church over a 12-week period to help understand and validate the Church’s information. This involved a series of workshops, with both operational and strategic stakeholders, where participants explored where the organization is unique and where standardized functionality could be applied. The Church also took the opportunity to explore other areas of its operations which could benefit from modernization. The discovery phase covered all areas of the Church’s operations including Finance, Payroll, Human Resources, Operations, Recruitment, Strategy, Charitable Arms and Projects.

Following completion of the workshops, Inoapps presented the Church with an extensive report and solution design document outlining a proposal for the Church’s future systems and processes. The report highlighted the unique structure of the Church and the implications that this uniqueness would have on solution design. Inoapps and the customer then spent a further 4 weeks reviewing and validating these findings. This included examining where the Church can modernize existing processes to achieve efficiencies and improve governance and control, and identifying solutions for unique processes that the Church cannot change.

The Benefits

  • Validation of the organization’s decision to move HR & Payroll to the preferred solution.
  • Minimizing risk.
  • Helping the organization to validate processes. Identifying process areas that are suited to modernization, as well as those that are truly unique and require workarounds.
  • Provision of a solution design that will introduce standardization and automation of routine processes and improve efficiency across the board.
  • Working out complex design decisions prior to commencing the project e.g. simplifying the business unit structure.

"Inoapps’s dedication and commitment to understanding the inner workings of our organization has been key to the success of our partnership so far. I highly recommend their approach for any complex transformational project.” 

Aaron Werner, HRIS and ATS Transformational Project Manager, Church of England