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Inoapps Manifesting Cloud


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Effortlessly Manage Manifesting in Oracle Cloud

Managing the logistics of offshore shipping in the Energy sector presents a major challenge to every organisation. One of the most demanding aspects involves tracking the shipment from onshore despatch warehouse to the offshore location. Items often go missing in transit, reporting of shorts and damages can be inaccurate, and acknowledgment of receipt of items offshore, as well as the return process, can be a slow, cumbersome process.

Why Inoapps Manifesting Cloud?

Inoapps Manifesting Cloud complements the functionality in Oracle ERP Cloud to deliver simplified material, container and status tracking, and customs documentation to manage the full lifecycle of the movement of goods offshore.

Key Features

  • Intuitive to use, requiring minimal training
  • Supports the entire manifesting process from the warehouse to the platform and back again
  • Works through satellite communication internet to enable offshore materials coordinators to access the application
  • A warehouse portal allows the Warehouse team to view collate and update all shipping list and Manifesting activity
  • Dangerous goods reporting highlights health and Safety considerations relating to shipping and packing
  • Tracks the customs status of each item of inventory
  • Gives visibility of delivered and in-transit items when collating the Pre-Shipping List so the shipping team has better insight into the forthcoming availability of items
  • Tracks KPIs and supports the identification of trends and exceptions with a comprehensive reporting engine


  • Improve planning and management of the Manifesting process, including simplifying collation of customs clearance document
  • Reduce unplanned costs by minimising emergency procurement and delays
  • Control shipping costs through load optimisation
  • Eliminate shortages in critical projects
  • Ensure compliance with HSE regulations on packing and shipping
  • Reduce losses and their associated costs

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