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InoHub Integration Cloud

Inoapps' Data Management Solution


Years' Oracle experience make our solutions the best

Many organisations struggle to manage the flow of data into and out of their Oracle Cloud solutions, which leads to data silos and broken business processes.

InoHub is built on Oracle technologies and simplifies the migration and integration of data between Oracle and other on-premises and Cloud solutions.

This helps our customers to deliver their Oracle Cloud projects faster, more effectively, at less cost and at lower risk than traditional tools.

What is InoHub?

  • Supports and simplifies the data migration and integration processes into and out of target Oracle Cloud applications
  • ​Automated loading of data
  • ​Carries out data validation and verification before loading
  • ​Delivers a series of pre-built connectors between Oracle Cloud and external applications
  • ​Enables implementation of a range of business flows using pre-built logic
  • ​Delivers a full audit trail
  • Connects to:

     - Other Oracle Cloud products
     - Oracle on-premises solutions
     - Legacy applications,
     - Tier 1 ERP applications
     - Specialist departmental solutions


The Benefits

  • Reduces data migration and integration effort
  • ​Reduces project delays
  • ​Rapid and low-cost deployment with pre-built connectors
  • ​Frees employees time to focus on higher value tasks such as planning, project management and testing
  • ​Improves data quality and accuracy by enabling Master Data Synchronisation
  • ​Assists with financial and regulatory compliance

A Selection of Our Customers