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Inoapps' Customer Billing Cloud

Say Goodbye to Customer Billing Issues


Years' E&C experience goes into our solutions

Progress billing is an important part of construction invoicing. Most large projects need to be billed on a percent-completion basis. It’s also very common for those projects to be broken down into phases that are individually billed by their percent-completion.

How do you keep track of it all? How can you know whether you can bill for certain change orders, or what you billed last time?

Chances are, like most other contractors, you are using spreadsheets. But spreadsheets are old and clunky, and hard to share across an organisation.

Wouldn’t you rather be able to do everything in real-time, within a single, automated and easy-to-use system?

Oracle ERP Cloud and the Inoapps Customer Billing Cloud delivers an end-to-end business process in a fully integrated solution so that organisations can keep track of every aspect of the customer billing lifecycle.

We've developed the application using our experience with numerous construction industry clients. With functionality that covers Applications for Payment (AFP), Retentions, Contra Charges and Cumulative Billing, the Inoapps Customer Billing Cloud will enable your organisation to automate its customer billing process. This means you:

  • Spend less time on administration
  • Save money
  • Work smarter with your valued customers

The Benefits

  • Greater visibility of the financial performance of projects
  • Accurate reporting against budget
  • Detailed reporting on work to date, budget remaining and estimate to complete
  • Ensure accuracy in the calculation of billing and expedite the payment process
  • Efficient, prompt invoice management
  • Reduce corporate risk from inaccurate customer billing
  • Concentrate on value added tasks by reducing time spent on administration

Key Features

Retention & Retainage

  • Caters for the full lifecycle of retention processing, including the processing of "Retention Release Payments" on project completion.

Deductions & Contra Payments

  • Where contra charges are necessary to cater for damage, subsidiary claims, equipment rental or other charges, these can be incorporated into the customer billing for net calculations.

AFP Certificates

  • The module will produce automated AFP certificates for customer approval.

Automated Workflow Engine

  • Emails and alerts generated from the system to notify that applications have been processed.

Reporting Engine

  • Comprehensive suite of reports to allow multi-dimensional analysis of applications.

Valuation calendar

  • Can be used to control the application lifecycle

Tracking Applications & Certifications

  • Supports users in tracking the applications and certifications related to specific contracts, by the individual line items on the contract.

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