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Inoapps’ Commercial Cloud


Years' Combined Oracle technology experience goes into our solutions

Understand revenue generation and profitability

Construction companies have various business processes to manage, often done through dated paper-based systems. This can make managing costs, approvals, project progress and providing estimate to complete challenging. Many businesses also lack a detailed view of progress and estimate to complete on Bill of Quantity (BoQ) based projects and struggle to accurately reflect revenue recognition and end of life forecasting.

By not understanding your business’ position, projects can run the risk of over or under reporting, as well as unrealistic risk management. This can expose companies to major financial risks as we have seen in a few high-profile industry cases.

How can our Commercial Management Cloud help?

Our Commercial Management Solution works in tandem with Oracle ERP Cloud. This solution will help you clearly understand revenue recognition and forecasting of project costs.

Key Features

With our Commercial Management Cloud, you can:

  • Track net and gross costs at item and resource level
  • Get an overview of requisitions created from the Bill of Quantities in Standard Oracle
  • Track how much materials and labour you have used
  • Create Internal and External valuations based on actual progress
  • Use Variation/Change Instruction register to create a structured lifecycle for customer and subcontractor variations
  • Create automated three-way matching for labour only subcontractor timesheets
  • Automatic retrospective creation of labour only subcontractor POs.
  • Accurately track the resources to complete a project
  • Capture project BoQ and provide a granular view of progress booking and valuations to date
  • Manage Subcontractor timesheets, automated requisition creation, Contract LADs and EOTs, Variations and Change Instructions
  • Enable revenue recognition and CVR based on actual, measured resource-based progress

Key benefits

  • Save time by doing everything in one integrated solution
  • Improve efficiency from estimate to delivery
  • Accurate reporting of projects across various metrics throughout the delivery timeline
  • Understand profitability throughout all projects
  • Reduce effort associated with the requisitioning lifecycle
  • Base revenue recognition on actual measure-based progress
  • Early identification of project risks and overruns
  • Increased profitability through accurate forecasting of project costs
  • Ensure compliance with a full audit trail of activities
  • Better management of costs through easy identification of overrun

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