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Operational Readiness Assessment

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Customers have significantly invested in their Oracle on-premises Application such as E-Business Suite over the last 10-15 years, often with significant customisation and personalisation. However, the digital revolution has opened up opportunities for organisations to now radically transform and optimise their operating procedures, enhancing performance and extending the reach of their core business applications.

The move to Cloud is no longer a new phenomenon. Modern-day application focus is on standardisation, subscription, agility and rapid return on investment rather than remaining with the application that has served the business well for years.  There is a risk in change and when businesses get to the point of needing to make a decision they need to perform a thorough examination before making the next long term decision.  And as the number of options grows, decisions about what is right for your organisation become increasingly complex.

You may be asking:

  • Is Cloud right for my business?
  • If Cloud’s not the right move, what route should we go down?
  • Is my business ready for change?
  • Are we ready to start the journey to Cloud?
  • Are my existing business processes efficient enough to help drive my organisation forward?
  • How much will my next technology upgrade cost and will it drive any benefits?
  • What barriers might prevent us from deploying Cloud?
  • How will these impact current operations?

The Operational Readiness Assessment

Inoapps has developed its own, experienced-based methodology for assessing which alternatives will enable your organisation to get the most from its investment in Oracle applications and technology. The Inoapps Operational Readiness Assessment (”ORA”) is designed to support you in assessing what’s the right decision for you and whether you are ready to embark on your cloud journey and how to manage a successful transition. This may include any combination of remaining on-premises and simply upgrading, moving your on-premises application into an Infrastructure cloud, transitioning to a full Software as a Service or a hybrid model including a combination of the above.

Ultimately, the output of the ORA will help provide you with the data to enable you to develop a compelling business case for whatever option is the best fit for you and get buy-in from key stakeholders.

What Does the Assessment Cover?

  • Analysis between your current on-premises solution and what the business needs to hit its goals
  • Functional gap analysis between the existing on-premises solution and Oracle Cloud
  • Business Flow alignment between on-premises and Cloud
  • Perspectives are provided by all areas of the business form Executives to Functional heads, to security and infrastructure
  • People, Roles and Organisation Structure
  • Stakeholder mapping and channel messaging
  • Business Intelligence requirements
  • Security, Architecture, and Access
  • Data Management and Integration Operations
  • Functional Healthcheck (Optional)
  • Support Arrangements
  • Customisations Review and plan for managing residual gaps

What do You Get?

Clear, actionable, outcomes in the form of a comprehensive report that’s created totally independent. This will highlight the views of each section of the business and the potential changes required across people, process, and tools to provide world-class enterprise-class operations capabilities for critical applications and functionality for the future, either on-premises or in the Cloud.


  • Provides you with guidance on the longevity of the on-premises application
  • Assessing the optimum timeframe and implications of a move to the Cloud
  • Options available to you and what will suit your business best
  • Delivers you a recommendation following the review of the best option(s) available
  • Reduces decision-risk in the adoption of your chosen route be that Cloud or on-premises
  • Delivers an understanding of the Cloud implementation process
  • Delivers a compelling, fact-based business case for your ultimate decision

Why Inoapps?

  • Oracle’s Cloud First Partner of the Year 2018/19
  • Oracle's EMEA & Global Partner of the Year for Software as a Service Cloud Transformation 2016/17
  • Heritage in delivering world-class on-premises application solutions
  • Proud users of Oracle Cloud since 2015 there is no other Oracle Partner better equipped to help you decide if Cloud is right for you.
  • We understand the issues you will encounter and how best to mitigate them
  • We know how it will change your business and can help you plan for the change.
  • Tried and tested readiness and implementation methodology
  • Implementations in several countries around the world

Our Customers

Our experience of working with Inoapps has been very positive and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Their consulting team was very attentive and engaging during the workshops. They asked good questions, heard what we were saying and crucially got buy-in to the process across the board. Consequently we have identified the options for our IT systems and started a new conversation that will move our IT strategy forward."

Alasdair Bullivant, ICT Business Applications Manager, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council