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Oracle software licencing agreements and metrics are known to be complex and are subject to frequent change. Cloud subscriptions, in particular Universal Credits, have helped ease the burden of software management, but at the same time have introduced a different level of complexity for users to understand.

For Example:

  • You may have procured software licences under a variety of terms & conditions over time, using several different metrics. Knowing this, it’s easy to see how, without proper Software Asset Management, your organisation can easily drift into non-compliance with Oracle’s licensing regulations, which can be costly
  • Using Oracle’s Universal Credits its easy for businesses to lose track of what’s being utilised, until it’s all gone, and you are asked to purchase more. Understanding how the cloud subscription is being used within your business and on what technology is paramount to ensuring the correct value of Universal Credits are utilised
  • With SAAS, because of the way the metrics are defined when purchasing subscription users, its very easy to allocate a role to a user that they won’t be using. However, the Cloud Dashboard in SAAS will record them as requiring a subscription.

Am I at Risk?

Your organisation could be at risk if you identify with any of the following:

  • Upgraded, refreshed or changed your IT estate or architecture recently
  • Moved to a “Universal Credit” cloud subscription model
  • Moved to a clustered or virtualised environment
  • Implemented new software products or options
  • Materially Increased (or decreased) the size of your workforce
  • Made changes to your business structure following an acquisition, merger or de-merger
  • Operating an assortment of licence metrics
  • You are simply confused by Oracle’s licencing policies?

How can Inoapps Software Asset Management Service Help?

The service includes an initial assessment of your current Oracle licence and subscription grants, contracts and support arrangements. By performing an analysis of your Oracle entitlements, deployment practices, and utilisation, we:

  • Evaluate your overall Oracle licence and/or cloud subscription position
  • Identify areas of risk and consolidation
  • Provide expert recommendation and a comprehensive understanding of your Oracle entitlements and actual Oracle usage
  • Make recommendations on how to optimally utilise your Oracle assets and ensure you have the asset management structure that best suits your needs
  • We can also assist with licence negotiations should you find you are under-licensed or need to purchase more licenses
  • Make recommendations to alternative Cloud models and provide detailed explanations as to how these work

At intervals thereafter, we deliver a regular report, highlighting changes, areas of concern and managing the inventory of software and subscriptions on your behalf, including:

  • Reviewing support renewals sent by Oracle
  • Monitoring changes you make to your applications and architectures
  • Keeping track of the level of usage of Oracle software deployed
  • Monitoring future requirements and making recommendations
  • Updates to the baseline of usage
  • Explaining changes made by Oracle in their licensing model
  • Introducing changes in technology that might be beneficial to our customers
  • Answering questions on aspects of Oracle licensing & Subscriptions

Inoapps’ Software Asset Management Service

Keeping track of the level of usage of Oracle software deployed

  • Maintaining the inventory to take account of any purchases, changes to support renewals or additional system usage
  • Providing a regular report
  • Holding a call to coincide with the report and to discuss findings

Monitoring changes to Applications and Architectures

  • Addition of new users
  • Review of roles assigned to users
  • Server commissioning or decommissioning process
  • Archiving of users eg leavers

Monitoring future requirements and making recommendations

  • Answering questions via email on aspects of Oracle licencing and cloud subscriptions
  • Ensuring that the correct licences and Cloud subscriptions are always maintained and providing guidance on requirements for any new projects

Reviewing support renewals and cloud updates sent by Oracle

  • Examine support renewals as they come through
  • Ensure they are accurate
  • Compare with existing usage
  • Recommend any changes or cancellations which may save costs
  • Review of Cloud subscription usage
  • Test the user profile set up against roles

The Benefits

  • Protect your ROI in your Oracle investment

  • Improved budgeting and informed decision-making

  • Optimal licence allocation & utilisation

  • Mitigation of financial, operational & legal risks

  • Plan and budget more accurately for projects

  • Have an Oracle licence audit report at hand for compliance purposes

  • Be compliant so no potential penalties

  • Provide updates on changes in technology to allow you to become more efficient

“Inoapps’ consultants recently helped us through the long and complex process of an Oracle audit. Their expert knowledge of the audit process, Oracle contracts, and Oracle license optimisation gave us a much better understanding of our Oracle estate and by following their guidance we were able to complete the audit process in a timely manner. Thanks to their support I’m sure we achieved the best possible outcome for our business.”

IT Manager