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Managing Your Move to a new Oracle On-Prem ERP Solution

Key Challenges to Successful Change


Years' Change Management Experience in Our Team

Inoapps has used its extensive experience of supporting customers in their Oracle on-premises implementation journey - be that with E-Business Suite, JD Edwards or PeopleSoft - to design a blueprint for change, which focuses on ensuring your transition is successful and achieves your business objectives.

Our model is embedded within our implementation approach so if you have selected Inoapps as your implementation partner you will automatically benefit from our change blueprint.  

Key Challenges to Change

  • A lack of imagination or ability to visualise the new world
  • Communicating the changes in both and informative and engaging way
  • Understanding how the changes will impact different areas of the organisation
  • Upskilling people so that they maximise their use of new ways of working

How Does Inoapps'  Manage This?

Our highly skilled and experienced team of Change Consultants:

  • Establishes a clear understanding of the vision and key messages associated with the initiative and ensures this is embedded throughout all engagement activities.
  • Finds innovative ways of engaging with stakeholders and structuring messages between sell and tell initiatives.
  • Provides change experts who are also industry specialists understanding key trends and opportunities for growth.
  • Creates learning opportunities throughout the programme including structured training and self-learning opportunities.