Project Manager

Closing Date: 30 April 2020
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Role Overview

Inoapps is seeking a Project Manager, who can demonstrate the delivery of:

  • Oracle Fusion in the Cloud.
  • ERP, HCM, EPM, BI, Technology stack.
  • Previous Oracle R12 or another Oracle experience.
  • Fixed Price.
  • Management of Offshore Development.

The Project Manager will be an Inoapps business leader, who consistently delivers and exceeds targets and can create innovative ways to deliver against difficult circumstances.  The Project Manager will overcome adversity and can find a way through, whatever the issue. They will have a positive, enthusiastic attitude, demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude and will encourage the team to have the same.

They will demonstrate their capability and experience, inspiring confidence with the stakeholders and the team.  As a good communicator, they will make sure that everyone is always on the same page.

The client relationship is paramount.  We encourage open communication and projects where we are ‘joined at the hip’ with our clients.  We drive to achieve exceptional and long-lasting client relationships and references.

They will be able to quickly grasp and articulate the vision and objectives, and positively communicate this with the team and with stakeholders.

As a team builder, they will be able to get the best from the team resource, which may be spread over many projects.  They will be able to empathise with the team, while growing team spirit and increasing team performance.

They will be able to demonstrate full understanding of the detail of the project scope in terms of functionality, its finance and delivery plan.  They will be able to demonstrate control of the conduct of the project, being proactive with planning and RAID management, delivering management information as required.


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