Using Oracle Intelligent Advisor to Crack the Student Funding Nut

18 November 2020

With Phil Wilkinson, Solution Architect at Inoapps and Jennifer Tavano-Gallacher, Head of Inoapps HE Practice

Oracle Student systems have robust financial aid functionality, but it is strongly targeted at the North American market with all its complexities. Implementing it for the more basic funding requirements we have in EMEA can feel like using a sledge hammer to crack a nut. 

To address this Inoapps has developed a simple tool using Oracle Intelligent Advisor that allows students to verify their eligibility for an award and then submit an application. 

Award details can be easily updated as required by end users without the requirements to understand complex configuration tools such as equation engine. Additionally, the application has the option of being integrated with your student system or left as a stand alone system.

Watch this recording of our session "Cracking The Student Funding Nut" from HEUG International Week Online to learn more!

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