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1 July 2020
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By Andrew Norris, Commercial Head of UK/EMEA at Inoapps

For almost 15 years, Inoapps has supported companies on their data and analytics journeys by delivering cutting-edge Oracle solutions. When Oracle began focusing on cloud solutions, we implemented cloud applications into our own business and then did so for our customers, too.

I’m happy to share that Inoapps’ best practices in analytics are now featured on Oracle Analytics’ Destination:Insight!

Extending existing applications for diverse industries

Oracle’s applications provide businesses with the tools they need for standard business processes. Then, we work with companies to extend their applications with certain functionalities that they need.

For example, the complexities of the Energy sector mean that oil and gas companies often run projects as as a joint venture, but joint venture accounting, to manage the associated accounting procedures, is not traditionally a core part of their application. We realized that there was a gap in the market, so we built out joint venture accounting solutions and attached it to an Oracle application. Now, we can provide that functionality to our customers who require it.

The cloud’s impact on analytics decision makers

When I first began working with Oracle 20 years ago, IT led the buying decision, based on their existing hardware, where the data was, and their team’s experience. Now, because of the cloud, none of these issues matter. Buying analytics technology is a line of business decision.I 

The CFO may make the decision, based on the type of application the finance department uses. The HR director may make the decision, based on how they want to measure their employes’  competence and capabilities, and provide value back to their employes. IT weighs in when assessing the company’s cloud readiness and security, and integrating third-party applications into the technology.

Embedding the analytics process into the business

Business intelligence is the most vital part of an application division. Data isn’t just for the back office. Data gives businesses the drive for forward-thinking decision-making.

Thanks to Oracle Analytics, we’ve been able to embed analytics into every part of our company. Providing our management teams with the right data has made it possible for them to drive the business forward. Great data enables us to make effective capacity planning decisions on our consulting teams. It provides important information about utilization. It also shows our sales teams how our pipeline will mature into forecasts. Strong data is our competitive advantage.

To listen in on our full interview on Oracle Analytics’ Destination:Insight, watch the video.

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