Inoapps 22D Industry Cloud Extensions

10 January 2023
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New features and enhancements cap award-winning year for Inoapps products

December 2022 saw the 22D release of Inoapps’ Industry Cloud Extensions, industry-focused solutions that extend the capabilities of Oracle Cloud ERP to meet the specific needs of customers in the energy, engineering & construction, higher education, professional services and public sectors. 

2022 was a winning year for Inoapps products, with Inoapps Legacy Data Archiving voted Infrastructure Product of the Year at the Computing Technology Product of the Year Awards, and the ERP Today Awards Commending Inoapps Outturn Planning in the competitive ERP Tech Innovation category.  

The very latest releases have been made available to all customers as part of Release 22D, and deliver a range of new features and enhancements, including:

Subcontractor Management Cloud - delivering advanced capabilities to manage your subcontractor engagements 

  • Subcontractor Management (SCM) now allows users to Download/Upload Submission lines details for an associated PO with multiple lines when creating a Submission
  • The correction or cancellation of the Receipts and AP invoices for certified submissions is now handled automatically in SCM, without the need for manual intervention in Oracle
  • SCM now displays the Authenticated Tax Receipt (ATR) Status menu regardless of the Certificate Auto Send status for Submission Invoice Type of ATR

Rentals Cloud – efficiently and effectively managing rental equipment to optimize utilization and control costs

  • Billing functionality has been enhanced to allow different billing cycles for Internal and External Rentals to be catered for
  • Ability to Search and Filter Purchase Order items on Request Screen
  • Rental Summary modified to show billing information in order to send to customers for collection of payment
  • Option introduced when a Purchase Order has multiple receipts to Allow Correction of Adjustment Receipts for negative manual adjustment to be applied against previously created positive manual adjustments from Rentals

Outturn Planning application

  • Multi-currency support has been extended to show Purchase Order in the Project
  • Cost currency if created in a different currency
  • Audit trail has been created for Interactions
  • Ability to add or modify values in List of Values (LOVs) in Value Sets through admin/configuration
  • Ability to show all Purchase Order information irrespective of Subcontractor resource type selection 

Mobile Receipting application – extending Oracle Cloud for demanding mobile use cases 

  • Camera use and privacy policy updated and clarified, including number and size of pictures as well as expected behavior depending on browser/operating platform 

Systems Administration application

  • Team member role added for use of contingent workers in the approval process
  • Extension of available customized user themes
  • Ability for Admins to define custom Lists of Values (LOVs) and associate LOVs to a user definable field 

Construction Industry Scheme application

  • Audit trail created in Reports for tracking the following interactions: Create, Edit, Delete, and Add or Delete an Attachment

Customer Billing Management application

  • Audit trail created in Reports for tracking the following interactions: Create, Edit, Delete, and Add or Delete an Attachment
  • Customer Billing Management now uses the Oracle Deep Linking feature to provide hyperlinks and navigate to related items at various points in the module for Project Number and Project Name

In addition, incremental features have been added to our Customer Billing Management Cloud module, Construction Industry Scheme module, Outturn Planning Cloud module, and Subcontractor Management Cloud modules to cater for Oracle Cloud ERP 22D release updates.

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