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Sue Evans

Sue is a people and change professional with over 30 years of public service experience gained from a career as a teacher, Army Officer, HR and Organisational Development leader. Sue is a champion of excellence in people management, especially around the development of People Strategy, ensuring that people are at the heart of effective business practice and organisations have the leadership, talent, skills and confidence to deliver excellent services to the public.

As well as being a valuable member of The Change Maker Group, Sue is a former Director of HR and Organisational Development at Warwickshire County Council, and Past President of The Public Sector People Manager’s Association 2016-17

Simon Phillips

Simon is the Founder of The Change Maker Group and an expert on the factors that make the difference when it comes to changing a culture, integrating our beloved public services or transforming workforces and the systems in which they work. Simon has written several books and shared his DELTA approach to change all over the world.

A former senior manager within the pioneering change management division of Accenture, Simon utilises his extensive experience of leading transformation programmes to support and guide senior teams to develop effective change strategies.

Davey Hoops, The Legacy Partnership

Davey has spent his career working across the private and public sector in varying educational and managerial roles. Davey gained traction in his career through his vocal approach to being diagnosed with clinical depression, becoming morbidly obese and being made redundant. Davey transformed his life by losing 70lbs, coming off medication and developing First Step Lifestyle, the UK’s first health and fitness concept focused on mental health. Given the success of FSL, Davey provided businesses with advice regarding incorporating coaching into their daily routine to develop their employees mindsets, whilst also working with entrepreneurs with regards to business development. Davey has been featured within the Internationally renowned Men’s Health Magazine, The BBC and numerous podcasts.


Rob Sanders the Legacy partnershipRob Sanders, The Legacy Partnership

Rob has worked in the fitness and wellbeing industry for over 15 years. In this time, he has worked with all different types of people from professional athletes, those in the corporate world and entrepreneurs. While working with all these people, Rob noticed a connection between the power of one’s mindset and the results those who developed this would achieve. Rob dedicated time to studying mindset and peak performance and used the knowledge to help people achieve their goals. Upon finding a passion for mental health, the power of the mind and the role this plays in developing performance, Rob invested in himself. Rob is now an accredited Coaching Master and an NLP Practitioner, actively supporting the development of individuals and corporations who are pro-active in building a mindset that is both productive to the company but also the individual.

Upon moving to the North-East of England, Davey and Rob met and created The Legacy Partnership. The Legacy Partnership is a company focused on coaching those with an ambition to develop their mindset and business, for the benefit of themselves, their employers and their employees.

Victoria Collier, Global Head of Enterprise Change, Inoapps

Victoria joined Inoapps in 2016 and is responsible for Inoapps change management practice and Public Sector division. She has extensive experience of working within Public Sector organisations to ensure the successful adoption of digital transformation.

View Victoria's LinkedIn profile.


Dermot Murray Inoapps

Dermot Murray, VP of Ideation, Inoapps

Dermot is responsible for bringing our consultants, customers and Oracle together to facilitate idea generation, feedback and development of innovative solutions based on Oracle's new generation products such as Blockchain, AI and Autonomous Database. Dermot has spent the best part of 20 years delivering solutions using Oracle technology. He has worked in a wide range of roles from Analyst and Consultant through to Project Manager.

Dermot has been with Inoapps for over 10 years and is also on the Board of Scotland IS, the trade association that champions Scotland's vital digital technologies industry.

Lisa Lowton, Metis Functional Lead, The Home OfficeLisa Lowton, The Home Office

Lisa Lowton is responsible for the functional element of the Home Office’s Enterprise Resource Planning System, supporting HR, Finance and Procurement colleagues to transform back office services for circa 33,000 staff.  The Home Office is the pathfinder for central government organisations moving to the Oracle cloud as part of the Government Shared Services Strategy.

Lisa previously led the implementation for the Disclosure and Barring service, the Home Office Non Departmental Public body, migration to the Oracle cloud which successfully went live for Finance and Procurement in December 2018.

Before joining the Civil Service Lisa originally trained as an management accountant, but decided to have a change in career and work on the front line for UK Visas and Immigration, where her Home Office career started.